• Purpose

    Cheerleaders and mascots are student leaders who exemplify and promote school spirit, pride, and sportsmanship. Cheerleaders enhance positive school climate by exhibiting leadership skills, such as respect for individual differences, school culture, academic excellence, and modeling appropriate behaviors at all times, both in and away from the school.

    Cheerleaders are expected to be mentally and physically fit and athletically skilled in the field of cheerleading. They are first and foremost representatives of their school, Olathe West. Because of these responsibilities, members of the team will be expected to demonstrate higher moral standards than that of their peers. In or out of uniform, cheerleaders are representatives of their team and school.

    Members of the Olathe West Cheerleading Squad will experience a sense of family and camaraderie. They will develop grit, resilience, optimistic perseverance, and pride in their own abilities and accomplishments. Members will learn to lead by example and to empower and encourage those with whom they interact with on a daily basis. The skills learned and practiced within this program will contribute to each member’s success as an influential member of their community.

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