Online Required Athletic Forms

  • All athletic forms are submitted online through TouchBase for Olathe middle schools and high schools.

    Five Steps for Online Physical Registration

    1. Print the pre-participation physical form and take it to the physician's visit.
      1. Print English pre-participation physical form (PDF) (updated March 2024)
      2. Imprima el formulario de preparticipación física en español (PDF) (updated March 2024)
    2. Log in to Touch Base, choose your student and then choose "Registrations."
    3. Choose "Register" next to the activity or athletics registration tab, then choose "Manage."
    4. Complete and sign the concussion, student transportation and substance abuse forms.
    5. Upload the completed Pre-Participation Physical as one document and "Submit." You will be notified by email of acceptance. This is required only once, regardless of multi-sport tryouts.

    Contact your school athletic office with questions.

    Those who don't have a scanner can use their smartphone for the Pre-Participation Physical form.

    • Download a scanner app.
    • Snap a picture of each page of the document.
    • Save all five pages as one document and upload it from your computer or phone.