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Participating in high school extracurricular activities is a great way to widen your social circle, expand your interests, and build leadership skills.
Activity Sponsors Email Description
Art Club Kelsey LaPorte kelaporte@olatheschools.org The Olathe West Art Club is open to all students interested in Art. At meetings, we typically discuss opportunities to spread creativity in the school and community. Additionally, we plan and implement social events and fundraising events. It's a place to express yourself, be creative, and have fun!
Asian Student Union Ashley Singharaj amsinharaj@olatheschools.org
Band Carol Lowman; John Wickersham cdlowman@olatheschools.org https://www.olatheschools.org/Page/2433
Black Student Union Dee Bell ddbell@olatheschools.org
Cheerleading Paige Gdanski plgdanksi@olatheschools.org https://www.olatheschools.org/Page/174
Choir Laura VanLeeuwen llvanleeuwen@olatheschools.org
Dance Bronwyn Troxel batroxel@olatheschools.org https://www.olatheschools.org/Page/9204
Debate/Forensics Dr. Josh Anderson janderson@olatheschools.org Speech and Debate are some of the most impactful activities you can participate in during high school. Your writing will improve, your fear of public speaking will vanish, and you will find yourself gravitating to leadership positions in your school and community. Competitors can earn scholarships from the Olathe Public Schools Foundation. Additionally, 186 colleges and universities around the country offer scholarships for participation on collegiate speech and debate teams.
DECA JJ Mitchell; Mike Jacobs jjmitchell@olatheschools.org; mjjacobs@olatheschools.org DECA prepares emerging business leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.
Drama Club Alisha Morris ammorris@olatheschools.org The Olathe West Drama Club is open to all students interested in theatre. We discuss upcoming opportunities to get involved in the school’s theatrical productions (acting, stage management, directing, props, costuming, set construction, sound, lighting, makeup, etc.) Additionally, we plan and implement social events, community service events, and fundraising events. Students may become eligible for induction into the International Thespian Society.
E-Sports Dr. Kurt Parker kaparker@olatheschools.org
FCCLA Erin Engle meengle@olatheschools.org FCCLA provides a great opportunity for students who are passionate about FACS content to expand their participation and leadership skills by competing in STAR events, community service projects, and personal leadership development activities.
FFA Matthew Milholm msmilholm@olatheschools.org
Future Teachers Randall Enright rpenright@olatheschools.org Students at Olathe West interested in a career in education will have opportunities to explore resources and connect with other students who share their interests. There will be leadership opportunities within the club for students as well. Students will explore foundations of education as well as specific topics such as, but not limited to; innovation, technology, collaboration, and outreach.
GSA - Gender and Sexuality Alliance Madeline Frankel mrfrankel@olatheschools.org
Hispanic Leadership Club Noah Falcon nofalcon@olatheschools.org Hispanic Leadership Club (HLC) is a leadership club starting at the middle school level and continuing into high school. Students focus on positive leadership, academics and being ready for college and careers in the future. Students perform volunteer hours, attend college and career oriented field trips, participate in fundraisers, attend ACT and College prep classes and complete special training, like certification in child care and certification in interpretation.
KAY Heather Sramek hjsramek@olatheschools.org Owl Service Club, (Kay’s Club) is a character-building, leadership training and service organization. The organization provides students an opportunity to learn to assume their citizenship responsibilities and to enrich their personalities through well-organized programs, projects and parties.
Link Crew Melissa Cupp mdcupp@olatheschools.org Link Crew is a student-centered leadership and mentor program. It provides structure for freshmen to receive support and guidance from upper classmen who have been through the challenges that high school poses.Link Leaders step up and become a substantial presence on campus acting as models of positive behavior which is ultimately a catalyst of climate change at our school.
Low Rider Bike Club Erik Erazo eeerazo@olatheschools.org
Math Club Pat Flynn pjflynn@olatheschools.org The Olathe West Math club is open to all students interested in mathematics. Our purpose is to provide a venue for students to: enjoy mathematics, pursue advanced mathematical content, and compete against other students in mathematical competitions.
National Honor Society Phyllis Clark; Jordan Boyd paclark@olatheschools.org; jfboyd@olatheschools.org The National Honor Society is a national organization founded in 1921 for high school students. Students are selected based on their GPA and their commitment to the four pillars of NHS; Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. Students are selected during their junior or senior year of high school, based on a GPA of 3.75 or above and their commitment to leadership and service to their school and community.
O.W.L.S. - Olathe West Leadership Squad Kelsey Carbajo kcarbajo@olatheschools.org The O.W.L.S. is a spirit based leadership program focused on the inclusiveness of all students. We are the leaders that develop a loyalty to our Owl Family through the passion and excitement of Olathe West Activities and Athletics.
Orchestra Kimberly Michaelis kamichaelis@olatheschools.org https://www.olatheschools.org/Page/3557
Rho Kappa Bryan Brogren, Maegan Ruport bhbrogren@olatheschools.org mrruport@olatheschools.org Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society is the only national organization for high school juniors and seniors that recognizes excellence in the field of Social Studies. RHO KAPPA provides national recognition and opportunities for exploration in the social studies.
SASH Darianne Hicks dphicks@olatheschools.org Olathe West SASH welcomes students from all backgrounds, beliefs and experiences to learn from and grow with each other. We plan and participate in activities that promote kindness, service and learning within our diverse school, community and world. SASH is a creative group of students who want to make a positive impact on their school and community.
Scholar's Bowl Will Schowalter wjschowalter@olatheschools.org The National Science Bowl is a high school academic competition held in the United States. Two teams of four students each compete to answer various science-related questions. The goal of this club is to promote interest and foster general understanding of various fields of science, including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Computer Science, General Science, and Earth Science.
Science Olympiad Emily Myers emmyers@olatheschools.org Science Olympiad is designed for students who have an interest in science and engineering regardless of their future career choice. Science Olympiad encourages students to work collaboratively with others, perform lab experiments and think critically in the fields of biology, physics, chemistry, earth science and engineering.

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Student Created Clubs

Club Sponsor Email
Chess Club Jared Bryan jbbryan@olatheschools.org
Dungeons and Dragons Club Patrick Flynn pjflynn@olatheschools.org
FCA - Fellowship of Christian Athletes Kayla Barnes; Paige Parker knbarnes@olatheschools.org; pbparker@olatheschools.org
Feminist CLub Maegan Ruport mrruport@olatheschools.org
The Uno Club Brady Field bpfield@olatheschools.org
Vet Club Darci Badger dcbadger@olatheschools.org