Student Council

  • “We, the students of Olathe West High School, establish this student government based on the principles of citizenship, leadership and integrity. The Olathe West Student Council (StuCo) shall promote school pride, spirit and traditions, cohesiveness, and involvement. It is the responsibility of StuCo to develop harmonious relations among the students, faculty, administration, community and other schools. StuCo shall be the official body to recommend student policy to the administrative team and shall be the liaison between the two. The Student Council shall plan, develop, and administer student activities shall at Olathe West High School to achieve these goals.”

    (Olathe West Student Council Constitution)

What Does Student Council Do?

  • StuCo is involved in supporting the school community.  Some of the events we've done this year (and plan to do) are...

    • Homecoming Week Festivities and Dance
    • Trunk or Treat
    • Halloween volunteer activity
    • Nov. 12, 2020 Blood Drive 
    • Monthly Service Projects
    • Students Serving Students (student voice board)
    • Mental Health Support (suicide awareness, mental health month)
    • Fall/Spring Elections 
    • Summer and Fall Regional Conference Attendance
    • March 11, 2021 Blood Drive
    • Owlspresso Cafe (Mon.-Fri. 7:00-7:45am)
    • Owlympics Student Event 
    • Relay for Life Participation