Submit Senior Ad Content

  • Directions

    Submitting Images:

    Please scan photographic prints as high-resolution files (300 ppi or dpi) or request high-resolution files from your professional photographer and upload electronic images to eShare via this link:

    *Ink-jet prints, screen shots, Facebook/Instagram downloads, and mobile phone pictures are strongly discouraged because they are low-resolution images and will appear blurry on the printed page. We DO NOT accept any images by email due to compression of the images and loss of quality. Staff are not permitted to handle photographic prints for scanning due to COVID-19 concerns. Please email our business manager with questions and recommendations regarding image quality.

    Submitting the Message:

    Please complete the following form to submit your ad message. Messages are printed EXACTLY as they are entered on this form. Please type carefully and check spelling before you submit. This is to ensure all family names and sentiments appear precisely as intended. 

    On the form you will be asked to type the senior’s name as you wish it to appear on the ad, your contact information, your email and mailing address, and your phone number so that we can ensure we assign the right ad content to the right student in the fee payment system.