Head Start Program Information

  • All files and information recorded in Head Start regarding children and families in the program are kept strictly confidential.  Staff members are the only people who have access to these files, including Family Advocates, Classroom Teachers, and other staff and consultants as needed (e.g. in the case of a specific health concern). Access to files is on a “Need to Know Basis”; only staff members that are involved with your child/family will have access to the records.

    Release of Confidential Information

    Our program will not release information from a child’s record or file without the consent of a parent/guardian. If the program receives a request for information on your child and/or our program would like to obtain information from an outside entity we will request that the parent/guardian sign a consent form that includes what kind of information we would like to release/receive and to/from whom. Parents/guardians have the right not to sign this release consent form.

    Parent Concerns

    If you have a concern about the program’s services, there is a process to have your concerns addressed. First, please discuss the issue with the person/persons involved. For example, if you feel that something is not right in the classroom, talk to the classroom staff first. If they are unable to help you, address their supervisor. If that does not resolve the problem, please address the Head Start Director. Remember that your opinion and viewpoint is important and we would like to hear you give suggestions that might be helpful in improving the program.

    Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect

    All Head Start agencies and staff, as required by local and state laws, are mandated reporters of suspected child abuse and neglect. Suspected cases of child abuse and neglect are reported.

    The goal in making such a report is to access additional resources for families and to get assistance to help families to appropriately discipline their children and deal with stress.

    Sign Language Interpreters

    Head Start can provide sign language interpreters for family activities, home visits, IEP meetings or other Head Start related activities. If you would like to access this service you must notify your family advocate five days prior to needing the service. She will then arrange for the interpreter to come to the event. After you have arranged for the interpreter, if you cannot attend the event you must contact your family advocate to cancel.