Welcome to East's National Honor Society

  • National Honor Society is a national organization of students who are high-achieving, service-minded young people who strive to enhance their school and surrounding community with scholarship, service, good character, and leadership.

    NHS is invite only, which usually occurs at the beginning of October. A list of juniors and seniors with a weighted GPA of 3.75 or higher is given to the administration for perusal of any disciplinary infractions, and then the list is given to Josh Campos and Amy Kroeker, the sponsors, to send out invites for the application process. The student then has the choice to complete the application by a certain deadline, which includes listing 12 hours of community service completed since freshman year and obtaining teacher/sponsor recommendations, and that application is then scrutinized by the NHS staff council for acceptance into NHS. The student will be notified by letter emailed to their student email address for both their invitation and acceptance into NHS.

    Once inducted, an NHSer partakes in a variety of activities (monthly meetings, service projects, recycling, etc.) that enhance their community, doing so while maintaining scholastic achievement.

    If you have any questions regarding NHS, please email Josh Campos or email Amy Kroeker.