Learn More About HOPE and Stride

  • The HOPE and Stride programs are located at the Mill Creek Campus, 300 E. Loula Street, in downtown Olathe, Kansas.  They can be reached by calling 913-780-7880.


    HOPE is an alternative education voluntary half day program for students, grades 6-12, who have been long-term suspended or expelled from an Olathe district school. Eligible students are recommended by the Olathe Public Schools’ Suspension and Expulsion Hearing Committee. Students may attend HOPE through the duration of their suspension.

    Program Eligibility:

    • Students must be long-term suspended or expelled from an Olathe district school
    • Students must be recommended by the district hearing committee
    • Students must live in the Olathe School District

    Program Entrance Process:

    • If a student has been suspended and the suspension is upheld by the hearing committee, the committee judges the appropriateness of the student for HOPE.
    • If approved, the hearing committee makes a recommendation to the HOPE program and advises parents of the entrance process.
    • Parents contact the HOPE program to schedule an intake meeting.
    • Parents and the student meet with the program social worker to learn about the program. Notification of acceptance is generally made at the conclusion of the intake.


    Stride is designed to help students who have received an out-of-school suspension from one of the Olathe high schools. It is a half-day program. The program does not accept students on a "drop in" basis. Intake meetings must be scheduled by calling 913-780-7880 before a student can begin the Stride program. If leaving a message to request that your student attend Stride, please ask for Jes Steinberg or Erin Pullen.


    The mission of Stride is to provide an opportunity for students to not only remain engaged with their coursework during a short-term suspension from their school campus, but to also address social emotional skills and success-planning in a supportive environment. Stride is designed for students who are serious about continuing their education and receiving services to improve their overall well-being and school success. The program's goal is to reestablish each student's ability to function within a school setting and to have them return to their high school campus with a plan for their success.

    Our Goals

    Stride's goal is to keep students engaged or become re-engaged in their instructional program and on track when returning to their home school after the period of suspension has ended. Other goals of the program include teaching students strategies for making positive choices, setting goals, and self-regulating and managing their emotions and behaviors. Students will have opportunities in a safe and caring environment to practice these skills.

    A final goal will be transparent communication with each high school and student/parent when transitioning back to their school — prepared to achieve school success.

    The Model

    • Parents/guardians of students who have received a referral for offense warranting an out-of-school suspension will be given the option for their child to attend Stride, located at the Mill Creek Campus, 300 E. Loula Street, Olathe, where they can complete their school assignments.
    • Stride is a voluntary academic half-day program for those students who have been out-of-school suspended for less than 10 days from their home school.
    • Stride is designed to provide a structured, supervised, personalized learning environment as an alternative to remaining at home.
    • Staff at Stride and the student will have direct communication with each student's teacher(s).
    • Each student will engage in daily social and emotional learning activities with program staff.
    • Social work services will be provided on a group or individual basis.