What is the Prairie Learning Center?

  • Prairie Learning Center is located at 10975 Lone Elm Road, Olathe, Kansas. Our phone number is 913-780-7014.

    Our Philosophy

    To provide academic programming through instructional methods and a culture that is:

    • built around caring relationships
    • motivational
    • individualized
    • accepting
    • innovative


    To facilitate the transition back to the student’s home school environment by:

    • Preparing students behaviorally, emotionally, and academically.
    • Preparing the schools and community to work successfully with challenging students.

    Behavioral Support in a Caring and Positive Environment

    • To support students in developing socially acceptable behaviors through access in a nurturing, positive environment.
    • To guide students toward improved social skills that foster respect and meaningful, rewarding experiences or relationships in society.
    • To respect a wide range of students’ abilities.

    Family Support

    • To collaborate with the families of our students to establish educational and behavioral priorities.
    • To meet student needs, which may include referral to appropriate social service agencies.


    • To provide a structured alternative learning community that enhances safety and success in school.