What is the Step Up Program?


    Step Up is the adult diploma program of the Olathe Public Schools. Kansas residents without high school diplomas may enroll in this high school completion program at no cost. Once students complete their required credits, they receive an Olathe Public Schools diploma at a traditional graduation ceremony the following May.

    It is never too late to achieve your educational goal. Step Up students range from teenagers to retirees! Kansas residents may enroll in Step Up if they are over age 18 and their high school classes have already graduated. Kansans with a GED certificate but no diploma are also welcome.

    Step Up is a self-paced on-line program that is flexible for students with families and jobs. Students may work off-site in independent study or in a teacher-supported computer lab. It is designed to prepare students for post-secondary education or for direct job placement / advancement, and it is fully-aligned with Kansas curriculum standards.

How To Participate in Step Up

  • Step 1 – Request your Records

    The link below will take you to an online form that will authorize Step Up to request your academic records from your previous high school(s) so the staff may know what classes / credits you will need to complete your diploma.

    Step 2 – Enrollment

    The State of Kansas requires that every Step Up student spend two 6½ hour enrollment days every school year.

    During their first enrollment day, new students will:

    • Watch a 10-minute orientation video and complete the accompanying online worksheet;
    • Complete an online enrollment form;
    • Take an online assessment test that measures their strengths in English and math;
    • Write their story in an online portal;
    • Watch a brief YouTube training video about online school and complete the accompanying online worksheet;
    • Begin their first online class; and
    • Confirm their second 6½ hour enrollment day.

    At the end of the first enrollment day, students will be able to continue working on their online class.

    Click here to begin the online enrollment process

    Additional Information

    Step Up will enroll students in one class at a time and it should only take one month per class.

    Step Up hours are 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

    Program administrators are available at 913-780-7880 or by emailing StepUp@olatheschools.org.

    The program is based at the Mill Creek Campus, 300 E. Loula Street, in downtown Olathe, Kansas.