Student Support Services

  • Prairie Trail Middle School offers multiple support services to students. Please contact the main office or your student’s counselor for additional information.

    Student Intervention Team (SIT)

    The goal of a Student Intervention Team (SIT) is to build supports for students who are experiencing academic or behavioral problems, as well as those who work with them. Our SITs utilize the problem-solving cycle of Problem Identification, Problem Analysis, Intervention and Progress Monitoring, and Evaluative Decision. A SIT for any student may include an administrator, a counselor, general and special education teachers, the school psychologist and/or social worker, parents, and the student whose needs are being addressed.

    Sixth grade teams collaborate with principal Jennifer Stoskopf and counselor Katie Vena to compile information and documentation of interventions and observations.

    Seventh grade teams collaborate with the appropriate administrator/counselor team.

    • Glacier Team: assistant principal Jennifer Stoskopf and counselor Ariel Brown
    • Tundra Team: assistant principal Brandon Mellen and counselor Katie Vena

    Eighth grade teams collaborate with assistant principal Brandon Mellen and counselor Ariel Brown.

    Counseling Services

    Individual Counseling: Students, parents, teachers, and administrators may choose to consult with the counselors about individual student concerns, classroom management, the interpretation of test results, and future course selection and academic plans. Teachers are encouraged to consult with the counselors as a means to identify causes of student academic and behavior problems. In some instances, a counselor will visit with the student in an attempt to develop a more positive student effort prior to any disciplinary action being taken by a school administrator.

    Student Schedule Changes: The counselor will do individual scheduling, following district and administrative guidelines.

    Student Records: Permanent records of students are kept in the guidance office and include personal information, health information, testing results, grades, and student schedules. If access to this information is desired, please ask the counselors or guidance secretary. Removal of student records from the guidance office is not permitted.

    Withdrawing Students: When students are withdrawing from school, parents should notify the guidance secretary, Lisa Carpenter. A withdrawal sheet shall be issued to the student through the guidance office. On the student’s last day at school, each teacher should report any current outstanding fees the student has accrued and assign the grade the student has earned so far that quarter. The teacher should then initial the form.