Notes from the Nurse

  • Health information for parents upon return to school.

    • Teach your kids to wear a mask. Practice at home. Make sure the mask fits comfortably and covers both nose and mouth and doesn’t slip down.  A lanyard for the mask helps your child keep track of the mask.
    • Update your contact information with more than one phone number that will be answered during the day. If your child is sick we ask their parent or designated adult to pick them up within 30 minutes of our call.
    • Keep sick kids home. If in doubt, keep them home and call the nurse. If your student has been exposed directly to someone with Covid, keep them home and call the school nurse.
    • Medication – the school nurse can administer any prescribed medication to your child. You will need a doctor’s order. Forms here: Medication  Form   Medication Form/Spanish   
    • If your child has asthma, be sure your child has their inhaler.  You should have a doctor’s order and signed releaseForms here: Self Carry Medication Form   Self Carry Medication Form/Spanish  
    • Over-the-counter medications (Tylenol, ibuprofen, cough drops, etc.) may be carried in the original container and self-administered by secondary students.  At no time should a student give medication to another student.   
    • Have kids self-carry items that will keep them in class such as: Chapstick, water bottle, feminine products, and over-the-counter meds for cramps etc.
    • Olathe Public Schools will follow Johnson County Health department guidelines for illness reporting, quarantine and isolation.

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