Pep Club

  • Pep Club meets a few times a year during ICE. The Howlin’ Huskies is PRT’s school spirit club where students learn school cheers and positive crowd involvement. Go Huskies!!

    PRT Fight Song

    Stand for the Howlin’ Huskies
    Cheer for the Howlin’ Huskies
    Go, Fight and Win tonight
    We’re here to win this game!

    PRT Howlin’ Huskies
    Proud to be a Howlin’ Husky
    Fight for the Blue and White
    Bring glory to our name

    Mascot Crew

    If you are interested in joining the mascot crew and dressing up as our school mascot “ICE” at various sporting events, please contact Ms. Bussinger or Ms. MacFarlane!              

Caleb Chipman

Phone: 913-780-7280


Degrees and Certifications:

Pep Club Sponsor