What is PBIS

  • Introduction to Prairie Trail’s Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) 

    What is PBIS? 

    • PBIS is about TEACHING! Students are taught prosocial behaviors in a consistent and effective fashion.
    • PBIS is a commitment to a positive school culture in which prosocial behavior is taught to all students and acknowledged in a consistent fashion by all staff members.
    • PBIS is a prevention-oriented framework for staff to organize evidence-based practices, improve implementation of those practices, and ultimately maximize academic and behavioral outcomes for all students.
    • PBIS is based on the principles of applied behavioral analysis.
    • PBIS sets the stage for trauma-informed practices by creating a positive, welcoming, and predictable environment for students and staff.
    • PBIS uses data-based decision-making to teach and encourage prosocial behaviors.
    • PBIS creates a climate for supporting prosocial behaviors, which necessarily makes problem behaviors less effective for students, and therefore less likely to occur.
    • PBIS encourages consistent behavior management for all staff through the use of universal language, universal expectations, and consistent teaching practices. 

    Why PBIS? 

    • When implemented with fidelity, research shows that PBIS decreases disciplinary infractions, suspensions, and overall challenging behavior. Meanwhile, it increases academic engagement and prosocial behaviors.
    • PBIS integrates with other systems that encourage prosocial behavior, including Second Step and Safe Crisis Management. 


    P.A.W.S Video Lessons:

    The Prairie Trail behavioral expectations are universal prosocial behaviors for students and staff. Consistent expectations are important because they:

    • Clarify for students, educators, and parents how students should behave at school.
    • Provide guidance for teaching behaviors.
    • Serve as a consistent language for all educators working with students.
    • Represent a foundation for delivering praise and corrective statements. 

    All Prairie Trail Students Are Expected To:

    • PAWS: Positivity, Acceptance, Wellness, and Show grit

    Prairie Trail Middle School PBIS Tier  1 Manual