JCCC College Now and College Algebra

  • What is College Now?

    College Now is a partnership with Johnson County Community College that allows students to earn college credit for classes they take right here at Olathe East. Students must apply and enroll separately at JCCC. Below are links to a complete list of courses offered at Olathe East that qualify for College Now credit, the Steps to Apply and Enroll, and a direct link to JCCC's College Now website.

    What About College Algebra?

    If you are enrolled in College Algebra at OE, you can also receive credit from JCCC through the QuickStep Plus College Algebra Program. It essentially works the same as College Now, with a few slight differences, including later deadlines for Enrollment at JCCC most years. Request your unofficial transcript so you can send it to JCCC for College Algebra placement. Learn what to do with the transcript once you receive it.

    The CRN for College Algebra for all students attending Olathe East is 82541 for 2023-24 regardless of teacher or period.

    Important College Now Deadlines for Fall 2023

    • Aug. 21, 2023 — The fall College Now enrollment window opens
    • Aug. 25, 2023 — Application priority submission deadline, as well as ACT Test score and placement waiver request priority submission deadline, if applicable. (Select Fall 2023 admission term). Forms will be accepted after this date, but there is no guarantee of processing by the enrollment deadline. AP Scores and unofficial transcripts must be uploaded directly to JCCC. Request your unofficial transcript to upload to JCCC. Learn what to do with the transcript once you receive it.  Visit the JCCC website for more College Now placement information.
    • Sept. 15, 2023 — Last day to enroll in a fall semester or yearlong College Now course. Payment is due at the time of enrollment. This deadline is NON-NEGOTIABLE.
    • Sept. 15, 2023 — Deadline to complete the Accuplacer placement testing
    • Sept. 18, 2023 — Last day to drop a fall semester College Now course and receive a 100% refund
    • Oct. 2, 2023 — Last day to drop a College Now yearlong course and receive a 100% refund
    • Oct. 16, 2023 — Last day that College Now students can withdraw with a "W" on their JCCC permanent record or request a pass/fail grade option for a spring 2023 semester course.  

    Course Schedules and CRNs

    Get the Olathe East 2023-24 Fall College Now Courses and CRN Numbers

    • Yearlong courses include AP & College Biology, AP & College Chemistry, AP Spanish V, Horticulture I/II, AP Physics I and all math courses. For these courses, you enroll and pay in the fall, and the grade is posted in the spring; it is a yearlong course.
    • Fall/spring semester-only courses include AP English Literature & Composition, Spanish IV, French IV, AP European History, AP US History, AP Music Theory and AP Government. These courses are only for one semester, and require enrolling in BOTH the fall and the spring for courses that last the full school year at Olathe East. (Example: AP US History is worth three college credits in the fall and another three credits in the spring.)

    ACCUPLACER Placement Test Information

    The ACCUPLACER placement test is required if you do not meet the prerequisite requirements (qualifying ACT or AP scores(s), unweighted high school GPA) for the course(s) in which you wish to enroll.

    Courses with Pre-Requisites:

    • AP Calculus AB/BC: ACT Math sub-score of 28; or ACCUPLACER; or MATH 171 (College Algebra) and 172 (Trigonometry); OR MATH 173 (Pre-Calculus) with C or better
    • AP Lit & Comp: ACT English sub-score of 19; or ACCUPLACER; or 3.0 GPA or higher
    • AP Statistics: ACT Math sub-score of 23; or ACCUPLACER; or MATH 171 (College Algebra) or MATH 173 (Pre-Calculus) with C or better
    • College Algebra: ACT Math sub-score of 22; or ACCUPLACER; or unweighted GPA of 3.0 AND grade of B or higher in the final semester of Algebra 2; or ACT Math subscore of 20 or 21 AND unweighted GPA of 3.0
    • College/AP Chem: ACT Math sub-score of 23: or ACCUPLACER; or MATH 171 (College Algebra) with C or better; AND ACT READING score of 19 or 3.0 HS GPA
    • College Physics: ACT Math sub-score of 23; or ACCUPLACER; or MATH 171 (College Algebra) with a C or better
    • Pre-Calculus: ACT Math sub-score of 23; or ACCUPLACER; or MATH 171 (College Algebra) with a C or better

    Those students who took the AP Language exam in the Spring of last year and received an AP score of 3 or higher, and want to use that score as their pre-requisite MUST download and submit the official AP score from your College Board account to the JCCC website.

    If you haven't taken the ACCUPLACER but meet the placement requirements above, go to the JCCC website to upload your documentation.

    Financial Assistance

    There are two options for financial assistance in case you want to enroll in College Now courses but do not have the funding available.

    • JCCC Grant Application: This application goes directly to JCCC; it must now be completed online through your JCCC account. Get more information about how to apply for a JCCC College Now Grant. Scroll down to the box that says "Financial Assistance for High School Students," and click on Learn More to submit a College Now or College Algebra Grant Application.
    • ALL Fund Fall 2023 Application**: Students applying for this grant MUST also apply for the JCCC Grant. There will be two boxes to check when you are filling out the ALL Fund application to indicate that you have also applied for the JCCC Grant. The ALL Fund application must be completed online. The deadline to apply is Feb. 9, 2024 at 4:00 p.m.

    *Students must be enrolled in the courses at JCCC to be eligible for either of these grants.

    **In order to qualify for the ALL Fund, you MUST also apply for the JCCC Grant.