Presidential Scholars in CTE

Kansas CTE Scholars Program

  • The Kansas CTE Scholar initiative is an opportunity to recognize well-rounded outstanding Career and Technical Education (CTE) students finishing their senior year of high school.


    Local school staff will determine whether a student has successfully met the Kansas CTE Scholar criteria explained below, and submit the submission form and documentation by March 1. (See the Kansas CTE Scholar Application for additional information.)

    Senior students who earn Kansas CTE Scholar status will receive a commemorative pin, special certificate and statewide recognition.


    All six criteria are required to earn the KS CTE Scholar status. Students should complete the application and submit it to their locally identified person who will then review, verify completion, and forward to the Kansas State Department of Education when all benchmarks are met. The six criteria are as follows.

    1. Senior level status
    2. Have earned or presently enrolled in 3.0 or more CTE credits with documentation of technical skill attainment
    3. CTE GPA of 3.5 or better in CTE coursework
    4. Civic engagement or outstanding community service with verification letter
    5. Workplace experiences (PLE)
    6. Career Vision Summary Statement

    For additional information about KS CTE Scholars, please contact CTE Coordinator Barbra Gonzales or your high school Career Pathways Counselor.