PE Class

  • All students have 30 minutes of Physical Education Class 2 times per week on the ABCDE schedule.

    Please remember that on PE class days, students should wear athletic shoes (no opened-toed shoes like sandals or flip flops; no high heels shoes like cowboy boots) and clothes that will allow them to be active (run, exercise, etc.).

PE Class Schedule

Plank Challenge

  • What is the “Plank Challenge” going on in Physical Education Class?
    Students holding an elbow plank for 1-minute increments.  We will start at 1 minute and practice throughout the year with the goal of being able to hold the elbow plank for up to 5 minutes.

    What is an elbow plank?  The most common plank is the forearm plank which is held in a push-up-like position, with the body's weight borne on forearms, elbows, and toes.


    The Plank Challenge is complete for the 2018-2019 school year.  Our students worked hard to complete the challenge. 

    We are excited to announce that 56 students were able to master the 5-minute plank.  Those students will receive a certificate of recognition at the Awards Asembly. Congratulations to the 11 students in 2nd grade; 12 students in 3rd grade; 18 students in 4th grade; and 15 students in 5th grade.

    Students can practice over the summer for the 2019-2020 Plank Challenge.

    After practicing the plank, you should always stretch your back.  The easiest stretch is “Childs Pose”

    childs pose