Arbor Creek Clubs and Activities

  • Battle of the Books Club

    Fourth and fifth graders work in teams to read 20 specific books from a variety of different genres. Teams meet throughout the school year with their team manager to discuss what they have read.  In March,  teams “battle” to see which group knows the most information from the 20 titles – until we get down to the final award-winning team!   

    Chess Club

    Chess is fun and it helps promote skill sets that will assist children later in adulthood, like critical thinking, creativity, adaptation, motivation, dedication, memory and concentration.

    Fitness Club

    Fourth- and fifth-graders are welcome to join Fitness Club and make some fitness goals. They will create a fitness log to keep track of their progress and work on flexibility, core strength, balance, and cardio conditioning.

    Fuel Up to Play 60

    This program gets students involved in creating a healthier school environment that promotes student health, learning, and achievement. Students pledge to choose more nutritious foods, get 60 minutes of physical activity every day, and encourage their friends and family to become healthy.

    Math Wings

    Math Wings practices on Tuesdays after school. Regional competitions are held at Arbor Creek and district-level competitions will be at Olathe North High School.

    SPARK Nights

    Kindergarten to Fifth Grade students are welcome to sign up for our SPARK Nights.  These themed nights are opportunities to interact with the latest technology, conduct science experiments, and utilize engineering principles all within our SPARK/Makerspace room.   

    Special Chorus

    Students in fourth and fifth grade have the opportunity to participate in a positive choral experience that allows them to be an integral part of a performing group. They will build confidence, pride, and self-esteem.