Careful And Rapid Dismissal System (CARDS)

  • Our dismissal procedure at Brougham, known as CARDS (Careful And Rapid Dismissal System), offers specific driving practices to facilitate a smooth and efficient traffic flow that is safe for all Brougham students. The CARDS plan provides an ACE Rider Number for every student and family at Brougham. Even those families who never intend to pick up their student(s) by car will receive ACE numbers. Assigning an ACE number to every student and family will allow us to utilize the same CARDS system to release all students directly to their families in a safe, rapid and orderly way in the event of an emergency situation or catastrophic event.

    About the ACE Rider Numbers

    • Every student will receive an ACE rider number card to keep in their backpack. Parents/guardians will receive ACE number cards that match their children’s ACE rider numbers. These numbers are based on primary address (as provided by parent/guardian on the enrollment form). Siblings who have the same primary address will have the same number. Siblings that have different primary addresses will have different numbers.
    • Families will receive four ACE number cards for car display. This way, parents/guardians will have an ACE number card for family cars, plus extra cards to give to others who pick up your student(s), or to trade with other families in your carpool. Extra number cards are available upon request from the school office.

    Daily Dismissal Procedures

    Car Riders

    • Drivers prominently display their ACE number card(s) when picking up students. Place your card on the dash or place the hang tag on your rear view mirror so dismissal staff can read the ACE number as soon as you pull into the driveway. Staff will then call inside for your student(s).
    • All car riders will be dismissed from their classrooms to the gym at 3:35, where they will be seated with their siblings. Students will be released to their cars when their ACE number is one of the vehicles in the green pick-up area.
    • Drivers will remain in their cars as their students enter the cars. Staff will assist students as needed.
    • Once in line, do NOT let other drivers cut in front of you. 

    Walkers / Bike Riders

    • Walkers and bike riders will be dismissed from their classrooms to go to a designated area in the hallway at 3:35 p.m. When the dismissal bell rings, students will be escorted out the north front door (not the main entrance) or out the back kindergarten hall door, depending on which way they walk home.

    Daycare, Preschool and Morning Kindergarten

    • Daycare students will report to the gym where an adult will assist them to board the correct daycare vehicle.
    • Daily dismissal plan will remain the same for morning kindergarten and morning preschool students.

    Other Information

    • Anyone wishing to walk home with students (including Frontier Trail students who meet Brougham siblings) should meet them at either the southeast corner of the property or northeast corner of the property depending on the direction the student will walk. For safety reasons, we will direct walkers away from crossing the car traffic in the parking lot. Students will be walked to this area by staff.
    • Students whose parents choose to park off campus will be considered walkers. Parents should NOT park on Brougham Drive in front of the school because it would require students to unsafely cross in front of the pick-up line disrupting the flow of traffic.
    • To keep traffic from backing up on Brougham, we suggest that drivers enter the pick-up line from the north (heading south), to avoid blocking northbound traffic on Brougham Drive.
    • Parents wishing to come into the building to talk with teachers should use the drive through lane (non-pick-up lane) and park in the parking lot to enter the school.
    • Limiting foot traffic on campus will help insure a safe and efficient dismissal for all students.
    • Students must know how they are getting home prior to coming to school.  Any changes should be called in to the office prior to 3:00 PM.  Do not email the teacher as teachers don’t always check their email during the day and teachers also have substitutes on occasion.