Therapy Dog Program Information for Staff

  • Baxter will be specially trained to work together with people and we will have both passed our certification exam together. How can you help him to do his best in serving our students? Here are a few things to understand that will help set boundaries and help students understand that Baxter is a “working” dog. Please pass these on to the students.

    • Baxter is a working dog. He will wear his harness when he is at school or out in public. He will spend lots of time with me to help him get acclimated to the building and the kids get acclimated to him. He will eventually come with me to classroom lessons. He will also eventually be able to go to classrooms upon teacher request and be able to be used as a reward with students.
    • Baxter is not to be a distraction in school. If you feel that he is interfering with instruction at any time, please let me know immediately.
    • Students should always ask first to pet Baxter; then, if yes, the student should hold out his/her hand to let Baxter sniff it (and maybe kiss it.. we are working on that) and THEN pet him.
    • Students are not to stop in the hall and pet Baxter unless specific permission is given by the handler. Baxter must be asked to sit and stay before being pet. When we are walking down the hall, we are on our way to completing a task and so are others.  Waving to Baxter in passing is great!
    • Baxter is not to eat human food.
    • Baxter is usually not a distraction. It is the response of the people around him that causes the distractions. Please be patient with the students as they become adjusted to him being here.
    • An informational letter will be sent home for parents to let them know about Baxter. If you hear of any questions from students and/or parents, please have them contact Ms. Cullen.
    • We are truly very fortunate to have Baxter here with us. Mrs. Cullen is excited to see how he works his “magic” in serving our kiddos!