Meet Baxter, Our Trained Therapy Dog

  • photo of Jennifer and Baxter the therapy dog I want to take a moment to share with you an exciting program that is coming to Regency Place. I am currently participating in some training that will allow me and my Goldendoodle, Baxter, to become a therapy team. Canine Assisted Therapy incorporates trained dogs into treatment goals to improve mental, physical, social, and emotional functioning.

    Therapy dog candidates must possess certain traits in order to qualify. Temperament is by far the most important factor. Before even entering a training program, a candidate must be friendly and non-aggressive. The dog must get along remarkably well with children, men, women, and other animals. The dog should also be confident, patient, calm, gentle and receptive to training. Socialization and a solid foundation of training are both important for all dogs and puppies. However, these are absolutely essential for a dog to be considered for a therapy program.

    Baxter will be considered a certified therapy dog and will have many roles here at Regency Place but the most important is to be loved by not only the students, but the staff and parents as well.

    I have provided information regarding how Baxter will be used here at Regency Place. I would be happy to visit with you if you have any concerns, or have a child that may have allergies to animals. I can be reached at Regency Place via email at or by phone at 913-780-7620. 

    I know the students are very excited to meet Baxter!

    (I’m just not sure who is more excited….the kids, the staff, me, or Baxter!?)


    Jennifer Cullen & Baxter

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