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  • Counselor Introduction & Role

    Hello! I am Mrs. Smith, the school counselor. It is such a privilege to work with the students, families, and staff at Heatherstone Elementary. I am a certified K-12 counselor and teacher with over 20 years’ experience.

    Olathe District has an excellent comprehensive counseling program. I enjoy visiting the classrooms every other week to deliver the counseling curriculum in the areas of academic, social & emotional, and career development. This can include: books, videos, games, music, writing, iPad and art activities. I also conduct small groups to help with specific needs, such as, adjusting to a new school, making and keeping friends, or learning to manage feelings. Teachers and parents can refer children. Then parents give signed permission to participate. Students can also request to see me using the locked “Talk Box” outside my office, or simply scan the QR code found in each classroom.

    Please do not hesitate to communicate with me through e-mail, phone, or a visit. I enjoy getting to know each family and helping children feel comfortable & confident at school. Also, if you desire help with getting connected to resources when a need arises, I am happy to assist. Finally, look for the newsletter I will send home each month: Helping Children Learn. It is for families to guide children toward school success using positive techniques and routines that are firm, fair, and consistent.

    Hooray, Heatherstone Huskies!

    Please visit Second Step Social-Emotional Learning for more information about the Bully Prevention & Child Protection curriculum our district uses.

    An activation key “CODE” is given to you at school, so you can have access to many helpful resources.

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