CTE Month®

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    What is CTE Month®

    Career and Technical Education Month®, or CTE Month®, is a public awareness campaign that takes place each February to celebrate the value of CTE and the achievements and accomplishments of CTE programs across the country. Olathe Public Schools celebrates CTE Month in our schools and community through a variety of student-led events and activities. Look for celebrations on social media with #CTEMonth and #OlatheCTE.

    CTE Month celebrates the 16 career clusters that make up CTE as a program. This is important because American public schools traditionally push post-secondary education as the primary way for students to become successful in adulthood. But that’s simply not true! CTE focuses on hard skills, career readiness, and learning a trade. 

    CTE Month brings these qualities to the forefront of students’ minds every February. It shows students that you don’t have to be “book smart” to be considered a good student, and even “book smart” students can discover valuable skills from work-based learning.


What can I do to celebrate CTE Month®?

  • Raise Awareness for CTE
    Join us in February to celebrate the importance of CTE for our students and our nation’s economy with several outreach opportunities:

    • Host a school visit and invite members of your local community to learn about your school’s strong CTE programs firsthand
    • Engage your policymakers and the media to encourage them to attend events and tell you CTE story, or use social media to do the same
    • Work with business and industry leaders to ensure they understand the role CTE plays in readying their future workforce
    • Purchase pens, pencils, lanyards and other CTE Month Merchandise to use at events or at your school
    • Download our CTE Month logo for use with any print or digital outreach

    Please note, the “CTE Month” or “Career and Technical Education Month” must be followed by the trademark sign (®) the first time it appears in a document or visual presentation.

    Additional resources to help plan can be found on Advance CTE website under Build Campaign Momentum. and on ACTE's website under CTE Month®

Share your #CTEMonth Stories

  • As you plan your CTE Month® activities for February, help us raise awareness on the importance of CTE by promoting our Olathe Public Schools CTE program success stories on social media using #CTEMonth and by sharing our social media messages throughout the month on ACTE's Twitter or Facebook.