• Our Mission: 

    to assist Woodland Elementary School in providing a quality education for all students.

    1) Involving parents to assist with various school activities/functions/services
    2) Providing financial assistance where needs are identified
    3) Working toward better communication, greater understanding and a forum for the exchange of ideas between parents and the school, and the school and the parents


    PTO Executive Board



    Passive Fundraising





    PTO Executive Board


    2019-2020 PTO Executive Board:

     President: Brooke Hodnefield  lbhoddy@gmail.com

    Vice President: Amber Mitchell amber_mitchell@comcast.net

    Treasurer: Debora Christenson djr_19@hotmail.com

    Secretary: Carrie Miller carrieku2003@gmail.com

    Events Manager: Abby Windberg abbyfranke@hotmail.com

    Technology Manager: Abbie Tillinghast abbietillinghast@gmail.com

    Parent Representative (PK-2) Beth Masters emasters@olatheschools.org

    Parent Representative (3-5): Amber Jenkins aleigh77@yahoo.com

    Staff Representative: Lindsey Dewell ldewellwl@olatheschools.org

    Principal: Stacy Shipley sshipleywl@olatheschools.org

    Past President: Stephanie Dunkley





    Below is a list of all the PTO committees, the committees are chaired by parent  volunteers. If you are interested in coming apart of a committee please contact the Chairperson associated with that committee at any point during the school year. We are always looking for an extra hand.



    Katie Cairns jlkcairns@gmail.com

    Reviews PTO financial files monthly for accuracy.


    Book Club
    2nd Grade Book Club:  Abby Windberg abbyfranke@hotmail.com
    3rd Grade Book Club:  Open
    This is an optional book club for 2nd and 3rd graders. Students will read books outside of school during the course of the club and then discuss the book every week with an adult leader.  Discussions of the book will take place during each grade's normal lunch break.  Volunteers help to facilitate the book discussions with the students.

    5th Grade Farewell

    Co-Chair Stacy Shipley
    This committee is responsible for planning the end of the year celebration for 5th graders at Woodland, which consists of a farewell party for the students.  Duties include coordinating and planning the event with fifth grade teachers and the principal.  Several planning meetings are held in preparation for the event.  Some fundraising may be involved.

    Silent Auction
    Michelle McElhiney

    Co-chair OPEN
    This committee is responsible for eliciting donations for the annual silent basket auction held in the café during the Fine Arts Night. Committee members arrange the donated items into gift baskets before the event.

    Box Tops
    Kersten Dodge shopgirl.kersten@gmail.com
    This committee is responsible for promoting the year-long collection of General Mills Box Tops for Education. Our school receives 10 cents for every box top collected. The chairperson and the committee create awareness among the Woodland Community of the need for these items. They also collect, sort and submit the box tops for reimbursement, and report on program success.  This individual may also coordinate contests among classrooms or other fun events.

    Chess Club
    Open Position: inactive 2018
    Chess Club is open to students in 1st through 5th grade.  Students are divided based on skill level and different chess lessons are taught to each group using software, examples, theories and other tools.  Parent volunteers are needed to help set up and clean up.  In addition, volunteers are also needed to watch games to make sure pieces are moved correctly, answer questions and encourage the kids to have fun.

    Field Day
    Stephanie Dunkley stephdunkley@yahoo.com
    This event is held in the Spring and features a day of physical activity for all Woodland students.  Volunteers are needed to help at each "station" as well as to help some of the teachers with their students.  The Chairperson of this event assists the P.E. teacher in coordinating the volunteers to work on Field Day and arranging a healthy snack for the kids.

    Hy-Vee Receipts
    Jami Jo Lutt jami31jo@hotmail.com
    Jocelyn Rabbitt jocelynrabbitt@gmail.com

    Heather Darrow heathertaj@hotmail.com
    Responsibilities include gathering and counting HyVee receipts on a regular basis and submitting them to the local HyVee for passive fundraising. Duties also include sending friendly reminders to students/families to keep collecting their receipts.
    Kindness Club - Woodland Wonder Wolves
    Denyse Weigum denyse79@yahoo.com
    Kindness Club is our newest club at Woodland Elementary. Through monthly activities our purpose is to be intentionally kind in our Woodland community and to also join other in spreading kindness throughout Kansas.

    Open Position
    This committee helps to plant and maintain flowers and shrubs in the entry area as well as other beds around the school.  The Chairperson will be responsible for coordinating volunteers throughout the year to plant, mulch, trim, etc. and to work with the Principal to determine appropriate plantings.

    Parent Volunteer Workroom
    Joanie Whitman whitman.joan@att.net
    The Parent Volunteer Workroom is where teachers drop off tasks for volunteers to complete.  This committee mans the Volunteer Workroom at Woodland each day prepping classroom materials for Woodland teachers. Duties include copying, cutting, sorting, and assembling of assorted classroom instructional materials.  The Chairperson will coordinate and schedule volunteers according to volunteer availability and school needs. Volunteer time commitment is determined by the volunteer.

    Room Parent Coordinator
    Jamie Jo Lutt

    Room parent coordinator is responsible for recruiting and organizing room parents for each grade level and classroom. The coordinator will hold an informational meeting at the beginning of the school year to disperse party money funds and go over room parent responsibilities for the school year.
    Skating Party
    Beth Masters emasterssot@olatheschools.org
    Woodland Skating parties are held several times per year.  This person schedules the dates with Skate City in Overland Park, picks up flyers from them 1-2 weeks before each party, and delivers the flyers to the Woodland office for distribution to the students.

    Spirit Wear
    Stephanie Dunkley stephdunkley@yahoo.ca

    Julia Tindall jabruner55@yahoo.com
    The Spirit Wear coordinator organizes the ordering of Woodland Spirit Wear at various times throughout the year.  The coordinator ensures that samples are available for parents to view at registration and back to school night and distributes ordered wear to the students.   
    Summer Movie Tickets
    This chairperson is in charge of coordinating the sale of summer movie tickets through Dickinson Theatres each Spring.  This is a service to our Woodland community as well as a small fundraiser.  The level of commitment includes coordinating with the Dickinson representative, sending out the information flyer, informing the community, tallying of orders and distributing the tickets.

    Teacher Appreciation
    ​Heather Darrow heathertaj@hotmail.com 

    Abby Windberg abbyfranke@hotmail.com

    Brooke Hodnefield lbhoddy@gmail.com
    This committee focuses on different ways to demonstrate appreciation to the Woodland teachers and staff for all their hard work. Volunteers may also be needed to donate baked goods or other food items.  This committee also plans events for Teacher Appreciation Week in May including a catered luncheon


    Josie Modrell josie.modrell@cerner.com
    This PTO event raises funds that benefit every student at Woodland.  Monies collected pay for grade level field trips, assemblies, student organizations and clubs, classroom requests, 5th grade farewell, as well as other PTO activities.  Walk-A-Thon's success is dependent on volunteers.  Help is needed before the event in September to gather supplies, process pledge packets, hang posters and conduct other organizational activities.  Many volunteers are needed the day of the walk to direct students, hand out lap counters, fill water bottles, set up and clean up, as well as, encourage and cheer the kids as they walk, jog and run around the building.

    Watch D.O.G.S.
    Lee Masters
    The Chairperson will help organize and schedule dads to participate in the Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) program where dads come to school for the day and help in the classroom and school.  Chairperson responsibilities will include organizing the sign up event and initial scheduling of the dads.

    Woodland Dance Party

    Carrie Miller carrieku2003@gmail.com

    Abby Windberg abbyfranke@hotmail.com

    This PTO social event brings students and families together for an evening of fun! 


    Woodland Directory
    Amber Jenkins aleigh77@yahoo.com

    Brooke Hodnefield lbhoddy@gmail.com
    This committee is responsible for putting together the Woodland school directory in the fall.  Responsibilities include compiling information from the District into directory format, editing directory data, collecting PTO and school information, cover design, order tabulation and distribution.  Detailed Microsoft Excel instructions are available to assist with formatting the directory.  Volunteers are needed to help review the draft version prior to print.




    Coming April 2020!

    Woodland’s Fine Art Fair and Silent Auction will be held on April 16, 2020 and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

    We are collecting donations to fill our auction baskets. All proceeds will go towards the playground improvement fund!!

    Pre-K/Kindergarten-Curious Kids /Outdoor Explorers Baskets


    1st Grade – Summer Fun/Camping Basket


    2nd Grade- Man/Woman Basket


    3rd Grade- Family Game/Movie Night


    4th Grade – Sports Parent Survival Kit/ K-State/KU Baskets


    5th Grade -Kansas City Pride Basket



    Feel free to think outside of your grade levels basket!

    Have a small business you would like to advertise with a small donation? Time share you would like to donate a couple nights? Crafty? We would love to include you in the upcoming silent auction on April 16th! Contact Michelle McElhiney at michelle.shell02@gmail.com or Abby Windberg at abbyfranke@hotmail.com for more details.




    Passive Fundraising

    Box Tops for Education – simply clip the rectangles off participating products and send them into school on the days listed on the school newsletter.  This income is designated for spending by the Student Government. 

    ​Hy-Vee receipts – turn in receipts from the Hy-Vee store at 119th & Ridgeview (store only; not gas station) to the school.  PTO receives a percentage of your total receipt amount from this great sponsor of education!



    Amazon School Rewards