OPS Equity Hotline

  • All Olathe students deserve and should expect equity and inclusion in our schools. Students experiencing instances of inequity are encouraged to report incidents and events where they feel inequity exists so that district personnel are aware and can follow up.

    Olathe Public Schools has established the OPS Equity Hotline Number. Students and parents may call this number to report incidents they feel need the awareness and attention of district officials. The number is 913-780-7995.

    Individuals may also email the office of Diversity and Engagement.

Falcons Care Bullying Report Form

  • This form was created to offer the students (and parents) at Olathe South a safe and confidential place to report bullying behavior. Olathe South is committed to the safety and well-being of all students. Bullying behavior is taken very seriously at OS. It is our mission to promote an environment where all students feel welcome and valued. As Falcons it is our mutual responsibility, working with respect and integrity, to create a climate focused on kindness and respect as well as maintaining a rigorous learning environment for all students. As the target, the bystander or a concerned adult, together we can make a difference.