Many Activity Options for Students

  • There are many ways for students to be involved through these activities and clubs! Visit their websites or read about many activities below.

Activities and Clubs

  • ALAS — All Latinos Achieving Success is a club for Latino students to learn more about their culture and to share their culture with others. We also meet with Latino mentors from the community to discuss a variety of topics, including college entrance and possible college trips. Contact: Angel Cornejo, Room 220, or Melissa Campos

    Black Student Union — Black Student Union is a club open to all students interested in making cultural connections, supporting diversity, spreading peace, and discussing current social issues. Contact: Kim Wahaus, Room 416

    Bob Ross Club — Bob Ross Club is a great way to sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing voice of the one and only Bob Ross as he paints masterpieces in no time at all during Falcon 50. This club meets every other Friday. Contact: Tyler Lemke, Room 414

    Chess Club/Board Game Club — Bi-monthly meetings will be designed to provide students with an opportunity to socialize and have fun while learning or fine-tuning their skills as chess players or board game enthusiasts. Contact: Helen Hardgree, Room 906

    Computer Club — Will involve programming competitions, hardware projects, sponsoring activities for elementary students to increase interest in computers. Artbotics uses Lego “MINDSTORM” robots to create art and leadership opportunities. Contact: Tim Shipley, Room 205

    Cooking Club — Cooking club teaches students to cook inexpensive yet delightful meals all on their own. Contact: Stephanie Dupree, Room 144 

    Debate — Students enrolled in debate practice competitive speaking and argumentation. The debate squad travels to tournaments throughout Kansas from mid-September through January. Class participation is a requirement. Contact: Jo Ball, Room 302

    DECA — DECA is a national association of marketing students open to all attending Olathe South. We offer opportunities to travel and compete on several exciting levels in marketing, entrepreneurship, hospitality, leadership and management. Contact: Chris Thompson, Room 411 or Cindy O’Brien Room 417

    Diversity Council — Olathe South’s Diversity Council designs, plans, and implements activities to increase student awareness and sensitivity to the multicultural and diverse population in our school and community. Our mission is to value and respect every student regardless of race, cultural identity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. Membership is open to all. Contact: Angi Verstraete, Room 208

    Dr. Who: Sonic Screwdriver Club — This student-initiated club meets to talk about all things Doctor Who. Members watch episodes together and discuss different theories about the show. Contact: Alison Wulff, Room 1202

    Dungeons and Dragons — In this student-initiated club students will meet in a fun, exciting and social environment to play this iconic medieval role-playing game and hone their skills of intelligence, wisdom, charisma, strength and dexterity. Experience can range from veteran to never-played-before; all are welcome. No weapons, items or armor class necessary. Contact: Robin Dennis, Room 1208

    Falcon Mentor Program — Sophomores, juniors, and seniors apply for this important group that plans activities to transition the incoming freshman class into the Olathe South family. Monthly meetings are held before/after as well as two 15-20 minute FMP sessions during seminars in first semester. Contact: Catherine Wormus, Room 136

    Falcon Service Club (aka KAY Club) — Open to all students, FSC strives for school, community, nation, and world, and provides students an opportunity to have fun while helping others. Contact: Renee Wasinger 

    Falcon Sign Language Club — Students have an extended opportunity to improve their signing skills and reach out to other students who also use sign language, including the deaf and hard of hearing students, while promoting deaf awareness and the deaf community. Contact: Kechia Lake, Room 202

    Falcon Strength — Be a part of the first and only high school USA Weightlifting Team in Kansas. This team is open to everyone: male, female, athlete and non-athlete. Highly-qualified coaches will teach you the correct way to lift weights and to become stronger. Improve your speed, flexibility, strength, power, coordination, self-confidence and self-esteem. Come see what being part of the Falcon Strength family is all about. Contact: Kimberly Hoglund, Room 222

    Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America — This national career and technical student organization provides personal growth, leadership development, and career preparation opportunities for students in Family and Consumer Sciences education.  Contact: Opal Stephens, Room 201

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) — FCA presents the Christian message in a non-threatening way and provides fun activities for students. FCA is open to anyone, not just athletes. Contact: Dennis Burkett, Room 1215

    Forensics (interscholastic speech and debate) — Students participate in speech competition at local, state and national tournaments. Events include interpretation of literature, original oratory and other memorized work. Class participation is a requirement. Contact: Jo Ball, Room 302

    French Club — Students participate in various activities centered on the French language and French-speaking cultures. Contact: Kimberly Hoglund, Room 222

    French National Honor Society — Contact: Kimberly Hoglund, Room 219

    Friends of Rachel (FOR) — This group focuses on empowering youth to be positive role models not only with their friends and in school, but also in the community. Students participate in activities that keep Rachel's hope alive for a better world so that no child is left behind because of fear and violence in their school. Subgroups include B.R.A.V.E. (Bystanders Rising Against Violence Everywhere), “I Choose to Live” which present theatrical performances and guided discussions and Pacer Puppets. Contact: Helen Hardgree, Room 906

    Future Teachers of Olathe (FTO) — Members visit colleges and classrooms in order to heighten their awareness of what will be expected of them as teachers. Contact: Carol Nycklemoe, Room 413

    German Club — All German students are members of the German Club, which provides opportunities for increased interaction with aspects of German society and tradition. Contact: Scott Seeger, Room 221

    Green Team — This student-initiated club is open to all who want to be involved in hands-on designing, building, and growing sustainable solutions for environmental challenges, based out of the Campus Farm year round. A big focus is growing and harvesting food to donate to families in need.  Contact: Jeff Witters, Room 1207

    High School Journeys – Options for Healthy Living — This group meets on Thursdays during Falcon 50 to support each other to make decisions that lead to positive peer relationships and success in school and the community. Lunch is provided! Contact: Megan Alspaugh, Counseling Office

    History Club — A student-driven organization designed to provide opportunities for intellectual and social development. The History Club raises funds for the Terry James Social Science Achievement Scholarship awarded to seniors in the spring. Contact: Kevin Spritzer, Room 419

    Hogwarts Club — A student-initiated club where Potterheads can discuss, debate and learn about the wizarding world and the Harry Potter novels. Contact: Robin Dennis, Room 1208 or Alison Wulff

    Horticulture Club — Contact: Graham Rees, Room 1216

    MAGIC: The Gathering Club — This student-initiated club is for “Gathering” enthusiasts who would like to get together with others to play, trade and participate in tournaments. Contact: Alison Wulff, Room 1202

    National Art Honor Society/Art Club — This is for students who have enrolled in an art class, and have had at least one semester credit of art, and maintain a B average in art. Members work on a community service project, go on a field trip, visit professional artists and much more. Contact: Trish Long, Room 703 or Lorissa Reeves, Room 804

    National Honor Society — Open to juniors and seniors with a 3.6 GPA and no disciplinary actions, National Honor Society members perform at least 20 community service hours, both in and out of school. Members practice the four pillars of NHS: scholarship, character, service, and leadership. Contact: Marci Gibbens, Room 604 or Kayla Bevers, Room 603

    National Speech and Debate Association — This league holds three district tournaments in the areas of debate, extemporaneous speaking, dramatic interpretation, original oratory and student congress. Contact: Jo Ball, Room 302

    Olathe South Disc Golf Team — This team allows for students interested in disc golf to learn the game in a safe and peer friendly atmosphere. Contact: Reed Howard, Room 1204 or Josh Perkins

    OS Justice League — This student-initiated club focuses on social justice issues at Olathe South and the surrounding community. Contact: Kim Wahaus, Room 416

    Poetry Slam — The competitive art of performance poetry puts a dual emphasis on writing and performance, encouraging poets to focus on what they’re saying and how they’re saying it. Contact: Cindy Roth, Room 502

    Presidential Volunteer Service Award — This award is a recognition program for those who contribute a significant amount of time to volunteer service. It is awarded to those who serve a minimum of 100 hours over a 12-month period, January through December. Contact: Nick Bastian, Room 309

    PCA Green Team — Led by PCA members, this club is open to all who want to be involved in hands–on designing, building, and growing sustainable solutions for environmental challenges, based out of the Falcon Maker Space & Campus Farm. Contact: Jeff Witters

    Robotics Team 5268 - The BioMech Falcons — “Our mission is to show students of every age that science, technology, and problem-solving are not only fun and rewarding, but are proven paths to successful careers and a bright future for us all," said Dean Kamen, Founder FIRST Robotics. Contact: Jason Smith, Room 810 or Dennis Burkett, Room 1215

    Rubiks Cube Club — This is a student-initiated club where students can get together and learn the art of solving the Rubik’s Cube. Contact: Conor Fitzgerald, Room 315

    Scholars Bowl — Scholars Bowl students participate in interscholastic academic competitions at the local, district and state levels. Contact: Helen Hardgree, Room 906 or Rochelle Spicer, Room 141

    Science Olympiad — This team competes against other schools in the region and state in various science categories. Contact: Jerica Ayers, Room 1204 or Bryon Hargrove

    Spanish Club — The Spanish Club is a great opportunity for students to practice the language and learn about Hispanic culture in a social environment. The club meets once a month and is open to ALL students. Members participate in various activities such as crafts, dancing, cooking, foreign films, field trips and more. Volunteers from the Spanish Club are also available to tutor Spanish scholars who may be having difficulty in class. This is a great way for students with a passion for language to strengthen their skills while meeting other student with similar interests. Contact: Hannah Powell, Room 311 or Angel Cornejo, Room 220

    Spanish National Honor Society — Any Olathe South student in Spanish level 4 or above with an overall GPA 3.50 and a GPA in Spanish classes of 3.75 can join. We will explore culture and higher-level studies as well as scholarships. Contact: Tanya Cox, Room 312 or Melissa Campos, Room 218

    Student Council (StuCo) — The official group of students striving to lead the student body in a positive direction. Officers and representatives of the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes run for positions and are elected to be members of Student Council. Contact: Lauren Hannon, Room 404 or Bailey Hightower, Room 304

    Technology Student Association (TSA) — Future engineers, scientists, and technologists have an opportunity to compete at the city and regional level in a variety of areas. Mission statement: Leadership and opportunities in technology, innovation, design and engineering. Members apply STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) concepts through co-curricular programs. Contact: Jason Smith, Room 810

    Thespians/Theatre — If you want to be onstage, behind the scenes, or in the audience, Olathe South Theatre is for you. Our plays and musicals teach creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and empathy. Our thespian troupe is modeled after the best high school theatre programs in the nation. We promote the Educational Theatre Association’s core values: people matter, strive for excellence, work together, and be the person with whom you want to work. Contact: David Hastings, Room 704

    The Tri-M Music Honor Society® — Our program focuses on creating future leaders in music education and music advocacy. Membership is based GPA in both music courses and non-music courses, activity in student’s respective programs, and high character qualities. For more information, visit Contact: Michael Filla, Room 506

    Writing Club — Students engage in writing practices, analyze authors’ writing, and pursue publication. Contact: Cindy Roth, Room 502