Athletics, Activities Substance Abuse Policy

  • Students participating in athletics and/or KSHSAA activities will not use or possess tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, or substances that are dangerous to a student's health.  Because the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco is detrimental to the health and welfare of any student and because the use of alcohol and illegal drugs and the purchase of tobacco is illegal for adolescents in the state of Kansas, Olathe school district administrators, coaches and activity sponsors believe that the use or possession of the above substances is unacceptable.

    The use, distribution or possession of tobacco (including electronic cigarettes), illegal drugs and alcohol, on or off school property, will be considered a violation of published policy during the time the student is a member of an Olathe district athletic team and/or KSHSAA-sponsored activity.

    Violation of this regulation may be reported by a school district administrator, a staff member from the student's school, the police, or upon verification by the parents of the accused student and/or admission of the student athlete or co-curricular student.

    See Required Athletic Forms link at left to complete necessary paperwork.