Rolling Ridge CARDS Dismissal

  • Careful And Rapid Dismissal System

    The CARDS plan provides a CAR number for every student and family at Rolling Ridge. Assigning a CAR number to every student and family will allow us to utilize a system to dismiss students directly to their family vehicle in a safe, rapid, and orderly way during daily dismissal and in the event of an emergency situation or catastrophic event.

    About the Car Rider Numbers

    • Families will receive two CARDS numbered cards for vehicle display. These numbers are based on the primary address (as provided by parent/guardian on the enrollment form). Siblings who have different primary addresses will have different numbers. Your daycare provider will need to have a number if your child is picked up by daycare
    • Every student will receive a bag tag displaying their pickup number to attach to their book bag in a visible location.

    Daily Dismissal Procedures

    Car Riders

    • Drivers prominently display their CARDS number card(s) when picking up students. Place on the rear view mirror or dash so staff can read the CARDS number as soon as you pull into the front driveway and call inside for the student(s).
    • All car riders will be dismissed from their classrooms to the gym at 3:38 p.m., where they will be seated with their siblings. Students will be released only when their CARDS number is one of the vehicles in the designated pick-up areas (green zone) in the front drive. The green zone displays letters of the alphabet painted on the curb.
    • Drivers remain in their cars as their children enter their car. Staff will assist students as needed.
    • Students will not be dismissed to a vehicle which does not display the assigned number card.

    Walkers / Bike Riders

    • Walkers and bike riders will be dismissed out the southeast exit door if they live to the east of Montclaire (Exception, those students who live in the subdivisions directly behind the school.)
    • Walkers who live north of Rolling Ridge (Brookside Meadows, Saxony and the east side of Concord Square) will exit from Door G located on the west side of the building.
    • Walkers being picked up by an Oregon Trail Middle School or Olathe North High School sibling will meet on Rolling Ridge property in the designated areas south of the school’s front drive – see map. Please make sure that Oregon Trail or Olathe North students are aware of this.

    Bus and Daycare Vans

    • Our early childhood school buses and daycare vehicles will park west of the front door in the emergency/bus lane. These students will be walked to the buses with a staff member at 3:38 p.m.

    Other Information

    • If you wish to walk your children home, please meet your child outside the exit where your child will be dismissed.
    • Parents wishing to come into the building to talk with teachers should park in the front parking lot and then walk up to the entrance, ring the bell and show ID.
    • Notify the office as soon as possible if someone beside the parent/guardian will be picking up your child(ren).
    • Daily changes to your student dismissal need to be called into the office as soon as possible or before 3:00 p.m. so teachers and staff can be made aware of the change.

    Our goal is to safely, quickly, and efficiently complete the dismissal process. If you have questions about the process, please contact the office at 913-780-7650.

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Update on Late Arrivals, Early Dismissals, Attendance

  • Thank you to the many of you who use our "Welcome sheets" for signing students in and out of the building. This helps us record attendance. We greatly appreciate your partnership in your student’s education, and striving towards increased attendance in our building. Here is how you can help us and your student with this goal: 

    • Make a plan to arrive on time for school every day. Breakfast is available for every student at no cost this year.
    • Limit interruptions to your student’s day by scheduling doctor and other appointments first thing in the morning, as late as possible in the afternoon or better yet after school whenever possible.
    • The office is a very busy place, especially during student arrival and dismissal time. If you need to report your students being late or absence, please email us at If you choose to email the teacher, please include You can also call 913-780-7650, you may need to leave a voice message.
    • You must sign your student in and out of the building whenever they are arriving late or leaving early. This is a security measure as well as used for accurate reporting of attendance. 

    Reminder when coming to the building, you must have a picture ID in order to enter the building for your student.