Fifth Grade Curriculum

  • Fifth graders continue to integrate reading, writing, and critical thinking skills and strategies throughout the day. Interesting fifth grade units of study in social studies center on United States history. The Library Media program focuses on helping students become skillful users of the vast amount of information available to them.  

    Research and scientific investigations are showcased at the district Science Festival. Daily science learning focuses on human body systems, oceans and water, and physics concepts during fifth grade.

    Fifth grade students have developed comprehension and text analysis skills. They apply these skills in increasingly complex text they read on a daily basis. It is essential for all students to read often during and beyond the school day. Students also write frequently and produce writing process papers for all types of writing (narrative, expository, persuasive, and technical). With frequent writing, students gain many opportunities to apply the grammar and conventions skills they are learning.

    Fine Arts learning opportunities increase at these grade levels. Buildings are alive with the sound of music through classes, musical performances, and Special Chorus for fifth-graders. Band and Orchestra (Strings) are also available. A walk through the halls or a chance to attend a special showing of student work quickly reveals the wide variety of learning taking place through the art curriculum.

    The physical education curriculum monitors students’ fitness, with an emphasis on physical activity, wellness, and healthy living.