Family Engagement

  • Parents are a child’s first and most important teachers.  Any progress the child may make in Head Start is built on the foundation that began within the family.  It is for this reason, parents are so vital to the success of the Head Start program. Home visits and Parent Teacher conferences are invaluable in communication between parents and Head Start staff. It is essential to your child’s education that you participate in Home Visits and two Parent Teacher conferences scheduled throughout the year.

    There are four other major kinds of parent/family participation in the Head Start program.

    Decision Making

    • Policy Council meets once a month to participate in the decision making process about the nature and operation of the local Head Start program. Policy Council is made up of currently enrolled parents and community representatives.
    • Parent Committee: All parents are encouraged to attend these meetings so they can meet other parents; help plan activities; be involved in your child’s education through Parent and Child Together (PACT) activities; give input to your teacher; receive and learn valuable parenting skills.
    • Health Advisory Committee: Parents are encouraged to serve on Health Advisory Committee. It meets once or twice per year. This committee offers members the opportunity to have input into health policies. 

    Classroom Volunteers or Observers

    Volunteers play an important role in Head Start’s success. Parents are always welcome to spend time in the classrooms. 

    Siblings are not allowed to come with parents while they are visiting or volunteering in the classroom due to liability reasons.

    Parents are encouraged to apply for vacant positions when they qualify.

    Parent/Family Activities

    Participation in training and family activities which parents have helped to develop. Some examples include parent trainings, art fair, health fair and family fun night.

    Home Play

    Families are encouraged to work with their children at home to support the development of their child’s cognitive and social skills.


  • Parents need to ensure that their child attend and arrive to the center every day on time. Children who attend our program daily and on time experience better outcomes than those children who attend only occasionally. Please contact the center as early as possible if your child will be absent or late that day. If your child is ill for three or more days, a note from your doctor may be required. Please leave information about your child’s symptoms and whether or not they have a fever. This will help us track contagious illnesses. If your child misses five or more days of school in any given month, a letter will be sent to you bringing the absences to your attention.

    In the event that a child must be absent due to a family emergency, Head Start requires a written request for an extended absence that shall not exceed three weeks. The written request must include dates to be absent, date the child will return to school, and the reason for the absence. If the child does not return within three weeks, the child’s slot will be considered an enrollment vacancy.

    If a child’s attendance is erratic or there are numerous unexcused absences, the Family Advocate will meet with the parent/guardian to discuss and if applicable a Family Support Plan will be put in place to address the issue.

Policy Council 2023-2024

  • Executive Officers:

                     President- Sherisa Strother

                     Vice President- Cherri Sanchez

                     Secretary- Audra Alvarado


    Harmony Representatives:

        Maria Palacios, Miquela Dawkins, Leah Panchy, Shannon Lee-alternate            

    Heartland Representative:

     Laura Pierce, Stephanie Wilbur, Kyeshia Jackson, Melanie Martin, Jessica Garcia               


    Community Representatives:

    Sendy Romero, Ashlee Denton, Kelley Ross, Emily Diehl, Jennie Kruckenberg, Shannon Wickliffe, Robb Black

    KHSA Representatives: