Steele Pride Information

  • We are very excited to kick off Steele Pride PTO for the 2018-19 school year. It takes a village to support the PTO. Please consider how you can help your school. Contact Koko Cooper at 913-530-8171 or email her at or D.D. Matheus at 713-385-2661, email her at


    Steele Pride Meeting Dates

    April 2nd
    May 7th

    Meetings will start at 6:00pm and are open to all Steele Pride members.

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    If you have a question, the Steele Pride email address is

Steele Pride Board

At our first meeting, these wonderful women stepped up and took a Board position or Chaired an event. We come with experience and a serving heart. I would like to introduce to you the 2018-2019 Steele Pride PTO Members.
Position Name
President Koko Cooper
Vice President D.D. Matheus
Secretary Jessica Richman-Edwards
Treasurer Natalie Cronkhite
Member-At-Large Kelly Faflick
Fundraiser Chair Amanda Thompson
October Conference Meal Chair Cody Miley
February Conference Meal Chair Jill Crockett
Thanksgiving Pie Chair Jill Kenney

Steele Pride President's Notes

  • Dear Summit Trail parents,

    Thank you for donating to the Thanksgiving Dessert event! Our goal was to give every single staff in the building a dessert and we accomplished that goal with your help.  Please know that all the staff at Summit Trail are grateful for your generosity. We received a lot of “Thank You’s” as we were setting up the desserts in the staff lounge.

    I received this email from Jamie Englis, she is the 6thGrade & 7th Silver Team Counselor:

    “Hi Koko! I just wanted to send a huge thank you for the beautiful spread of treats and desserts for teachers for Thanksgiving!

    You all are A-MA-ZING!!

    What a nice, thoughtful gift…so fun to share with my family.

    I had the chocolate chip cookies and chocolate mint fudge and those disappeared in a snap!

    Those cookies were delicious!

    So, thank you for your thoughtfulness!"

    I love making people happy, don’t you?

    A special Thank You to Jill Kenny who Chaired this event, Amanda Thompson, Tina Corley, and Kelly Faflick. These ladies braved the early morning cold and received the desserts at the drop/pick up line, tagged and jazzed up the desserts packaging.


    Koko Cooper

    Steele Pride President

    Thank you

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