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    Westview School was built in the Edgemere addition, the first subdivision of Olathe. Westview opened in September, 1954. The building of Westview signaled the beginning of the growth of Olathe from a small, quiet town to the rapidly growing city it is today.

    The school was built at 601 Lee Street on property purchased from Louie and William P McGee. This property was open country and farm land that at one time contained one of the finest race tracks in the country for harness racing.  The “Elm Park Track”, a mile-long trotting track, was located on ground now occupied by a church. The school is built on the site where the stable was located.

    Westview School opened with an enrollment of approximately 210 students. Ruby Blakeman was the first principal. The first day of school was Tuesday, Sept. 7, 1954. Westview was the fourth elementary school in Olathe. Prior to Westview the only Olathe grade schools were Central, Washington, and Lincoln now Fairview School. The first mascot was the Busy Bees. In 1981 the Busy Bees became the Westview Wildcats. The original Wildcat logo was updated in 2004 by Allison Mangold, former Westview art teacher.

    Westview was one of the first Olathe schools to have an African-American teacher at that time. Corinthian Nutter was a sixth-grade teacher at Westview for many years and principal in 1964. Mrs. Nutter was also a key witness in the case of Webb v. School District 90 in 1948. This case paved the way for Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education decision in 1954, which set the course for school desegregation nationwide.

    Through the years Westview School continues to prepare students for a changing world. The building is still in fine condition and continues to serve Olathe children just as it has served the thousands who have studied and played here in the past.

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