Obtaining AP, College Now, and Quick Step Plus Credit

College Now Information

  • What is College Now?

    College Now is a partnership with Johnson County Community College that allows students to earn college credit for classes they would already take right here at Olathe South. Students must apply to and enroll separately at JCCC. See below for Steps to Apply and Enroll, and a direct link to JCCC’s College Now website:

    Course Schedules with CRNs


    Financial Assistance

    There is one option for financial assistance for students receiving free/reduced lunch that would like to enroll in College Now courses but would find it difficult to pay the tuition.

    JCCC College Now Grant– Students will apply for this through the College Now website after they have been admitted to JCCC. To get this application, go to the  College Now page of JCCC's website. There click "Enrollment: Essential information for students and parents" in the large box at the top left. Under Step 4 – Pay, click the "Learn More About Paying Tuition" button. At the bottom of that page are FAQs about financial assistance. Select "Does JCCC offer any financial assistance..." to get the link to the grant application. Students must submit the application by 5:00p.m. on the day of JCCC's College Now enrollment deadline to be considered. If awarded, the grant typically covers one class at the Johnson County resident tuition rate.   

Quick Step Plus Information

  • What is Quick Step Plus?

    Quick Step Plus is another program offered by Johnson County Community College that allows students to earn college credits for high school courses that they dual enroll in. Although similar to College Now, Quick Step Plus courses also do not have the same testing and enrollment deadlines as the College Now classes, even though some of them have been added to the JCCC College Now course schedules. For complete info and directions to enroll click HERE .

    At Olathe South, College Algebra is not a College Now course, it's offered through Quick Step Plus. Please pay close attention to the different deadlines.

AP Information

  • What is AP?

    AP stands for Advanced Placement. Students may choose to register to take AP exams for the AP courses they take in high school for an opportunity to earn college credit. A good score on an AP exam may qualify you for college credit and/or “advanced placement” in that subject in college. Check with colleges you are interested in attending for their AP policies or refer to the College Board website HERE.

    AP exams are taken in the spring and each test is offered only once. AP teachers and counselors provide specific information about registration and payment as well as test dates and locations. Students who need financial assistance to pay for exams should contact the AP coordinator, Paige Carbajo.

    AP Registration for the 2023-24 school year is open, and students need to decide whether or not they would like to take their AP exam. Students must indicate through their College Board account by selecting "Yes" or "No" for each AP class they are taking. The deadline to register and pay for exams is November 6. If your student is going to take their test(s) you will need to follow the instructions below for how to pay for the test.

    Parents, log on to your Touch Base account and pay for the exam(s). Fee waivers are available for those who qualify.

    1. Parents, go to https://ks-olathe.intouchreceipting.com/
    2. Click on Student
    3. Click on "Items at Student's School"
    4. Click on "AP Tests"
    5. Add AP test(s) to cart
    6. Pay for the test(s)

    Each AP exam costs $103, and NO exams will be ordered without registration and payment. Late payments will NOT be accepted. All students who take an AP exam must attend a pre-registration meeting during the spring semester where exam-specific information will be given out. More information regarding the pre-registration meeting will come at a later date.

    Students who qualify for free and reduced lunches may take their AP exams for free. On the registration site, they should select that they are eligible for the federal free/reduced lunch, and this should be automatically reflected in your Touch Base account.

    Please know that information regarding the testing location will be announced at a later date. However, parking is limited at all testing locations, so please consider carpooling! Testing begins promptly at 8 a.m. or noon, so students should allow time to park and check in. CELL PHONES are NOT allowed in the exam room.

    AP exams are held during the school day and students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the exam site. Students are expected to be at school before and after testing times.

    Anyone with questions about the AP exam should email Mrs. Carbajo or call her at 913-780-7160.

    2023-2024 exam information can be found HERE. Learn more about AP and AP exams by visiting the College Board website.