New Student Registration

  • Current Olathe South students enroll for the following academic year in January. Prior to enrolling in classes, students receive information about classes, programs, college admission, and graduation requirements. They have time to discuss their classes with parents and teachers prior to completing enrollment. Students are encouraged to talk with their parents/guardians to discuss enrollment plans and enroll online through StudentVUE at home with parents.

    Enrolling Students New to the District

    The district enrollment information webpage is a great place to begin for general information.

    Step 1:

    You will need to gather the following documentation with you to register/enroll your student for the first time in an Olathe school. The forms can be downloaded below.

    • Proof of residency in Olathe South attendance boundaries (This can be a utility bill or a copy of a contract/lease for your place of residence) or proof of an approved transfer.
    • Proof of identity, such as a copy of the student’s birth certificate or driver’s license.
    • Proof of immunization (This can usually be obtained from your student’s previous school or your doctor’s office.).
    • Withdrawal form from previous school (if enrolling mid-year), and ideally a copy of your student’s transcript and/or current schedule (not required but very helpful for enrollment).

    Step 2:

    Print off and complete the seven forms included in our New Student Enrollment Packet (linked below.) Students should use the enrollment forms linked at the bottom of the page to select courses.

    Step 3:

    When all of the forms and documents are gathered and completed, please call the Olathe South Registrar at 913-780-7874 to determine the next steps.

New Student Enrollment Packet