Schedule Changes

  • Student schedules for the 2023-2024 school year will be available on the ParentVUE and StudentVUE websites on July 31. NOTE: Schedules are subject to change between summer postings and the first day of school as class sizes are being balanced. The schedule change deadline is Wednesday, Aug 16. A new master schedule is created each year based on student course requests made the previous Spring during online enrollment. All of the decisions on staffing and course offerings are direct reflections of the course requests of the over 2000 students in our building. Requests for changes that do not meet the guidelines below will not be honored.

    Per new board policy there will be no schedule changes beyond the 3rd day of school for the semester. Changes for second semester schedules can be made before the start of school or they can be made in December. In addition, any changes made in January (allowed for the first 3 days of 2nd semester) will be hour for hour only.

    You are eligible for a schedule change IF:

    • Your schedule is incomplete, or missing a core course
    • A class is listed twice
    • Your teacher for a yearlong class changes at semester
    • You have already taken a class that is on your schedule
    • You are a senior and are missing a graduation requirement
    • You are missing a prerequisite for a course
    • You are missing a required 21st Century Academy course
    • Only half of a yearlong class scheduled (For example, you have 1 semester of Spanish scheduled and need the other semester added. All World Languages are a year long.)
    • You have a level change request (Honors/AP to regular or regular to Honors/AP- students must bring a completed Level Change Request form to their schedule change appointment for a level change. Prior to the first day of school, students can skip Step 2 on this form.)
    • Math changes must go through the math department.  Please contact your math teacher from last year for a link to a Google Form to request the change. The math department chair will notify counselors of changes.

    You are not eligible for a schedule change if:

    • You want to change something in 2nd semester, we will look at 2nd semester courses at a later date
    • You don’t remember selecting the course during pre-enrollment. 
    • You want to change the hour the class is scheduled (this includes to accommodate athletics)
    • You have changed your mind about a class
    • You don’t have friends in your class
    • You want a different teacher

     Counselor caseloads:

    • F-L — Regan Roth
    • 504's/AVID — Chad Hoffman
    • M-R/SPED — Patsy Roseman
    • S-Z — Paige Carbajo
    • A-E — Chayce Wynn

    If you are not eligible for a schedule change but feel that you have an extenuating circumstance warranting the need for a change in your schedule, you will need to seek the approval of your administrator in order to proceed with your request to change your schedule.

    Students are only allowed one schedule change per semester.