Our History

  • 1967  — Northview opened and was one of the region’s first elementary schools to be completely carpeted and air-conditioned. It featured cone-shaped acoustical ceilings in the classrooms and a beautiful little theater equipped with winding stairway and tower. It was built on an open space concept and design.

    1977 — Northview received its first major addition, adding a gym/cafeteria/auditorium and music room/stage area. Classrooms were converted to semi-open space patterned after the newest elementary schools in Olathe.

    1990 — Our most recent addition opened with five additional classrooms, the art/science room, and a fully equipped computer lab.

    1995 —  The little theater and library were combined and renovated into a library media center. The stairway and tower were retained and incorporated into the new design.

    1997 — Northview received new carpet throughout the building in December.

    1998 — Building updates included full computer networking for classrooms — with a computer in every classroom. Acoustical doors were also added between “pod” classrooms, assisting with noise distractions. New floor tile, replacing much of the existing tile from 1967, was also installed during the summer.

    2005 — Building updates include the addition of a new lunch room, front entrance, conference room, and completely renovated gymnasium. The entire front driveway was re-constructed to allow easy access to both the east (front side) and west (back side) of the building.

    2014 — New addition of a library media center and administration area with a secure “pinch point.” Renovated restrooms and kindergarten classrooms were also part of this work. The former library was renovated into a music classroom and flex lab space.