Allegiant Manufacturing

Posted by Linda Couch on 5/17/2023

Alligiant Manufacturing is looking to hire a shift worker  to perform the following responsibilities:

Set up and operate welding machines that weld together and mass-produce component parts of fabricated metal products as specified by blueprints (read and understand weld symbols), layouts, welding procedures or oral instructions. Join two pieces of metal to create a quality customer product using methods such as MIG welding. Robot and spot weld included. Tack-weld or weld components and assemblies, using electric, gas, arc, or other welding equipment. Heats, forms, and dresses metal parts using hand tools, torch, or arc welding equipment. Ignites torch and adjusts valves, amperage or voltage to obtain desired flame or arc. Analyzes engineering drawings and specifications to plan layout, assembly, and welding operations.

Joe Gameson

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