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11-17-21 — Clearwater Creek Student Wins Snowplow Design Contest

Nov. 17, 2021 ~ Clearwater Creek Elementary School third grader Ellory Mansour won the City of Olathe contest to design a snowplow.

City employees dropped the plow off at Clearwater Creek and the students got to work! They made Ellory's design a reality with the use of several brightly colored paints. Once finished, many third graders said they were going to wake up early and camp out at their windows to watch for the snowplows to come through with the hope of seeing their creation at work.

Courtney Saale, third grade teacher, was excited for this opportunity for her class.

“The excitement upon finding out that Ellory had won was palpable. Finding out that the whole class was going to be included in painting the snowplow was icing on the cake,” Saale said. “I am constantly telling them that they matter, and they have great things to offer the world. For a group of students to know that their art will be seen by their community, only reinforces that important message.”

(Photo: Courtney Saale's third grade class sits in front of their handiwork — a City of Olathe snowplow they've painted bright colors to beat the winter blues.)

third graders stand by snowplow they decorated