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3-23-20 — Online ACT Preparation Available

March 23, 2020 ~ As a reminder that it’s never too early to practice for the ACT exam, Olathe Public Schools is offering a discounted price of $45 for a full year of access to the Prepworks online ACT prep program. New groups begin the first of each month, but for the remainder of this school year sign-ups will be added twice a month.

Prepworks’ online test preparation is competency-based, performance-driven, and intelligently automated to deliver targeted, personalized instruction based on each student’s needs. Tutorials on hundreds of topics help students review mastered content or fill in gaps in their knowledge and weekly live, online help is available from Prepworks instructors.

Four instructor-led, live, online test prep workshops are offered in the fall at no additional charge. Two simulated tests are based on actual ACT exams.

Interested students should visit the eAcademy website for more information and enrollment opportunities. Enrollment information and checks must be received before the first day of the month to be included in that month’s group. For answers to any additional questions, email