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1-22-19 — 2019 Kindergarten Round-Up is Feb. 21

Jan. 9, 2019 ~ Kindergarten Round-Up in the Olathe School District will be held from 1-6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 21 in each elementary school. Current kindergarten students do not have class that day.

Kindergarten Round-Up for Canyon Creek Elementary, the district's new school opening in August, will be held at Cedar Creek Elementary School, 11150 S. Clare Road, Olathe. Christy James was recently named principal of Canyon Creek, and she will be at Kindergarten Round-Up to meet incoming kindergartners and their parents.

Parents who are not sure which elementary school their child should attend may use the school locator feature on the district website.

Kindergarten Round-Up is a drop-in enrollment activity for parents and their future kindergartners (children who will turn 5 on or before Aug. 31). Parents should bring a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate, or any document which reasonably establishes the child’s age and can be used as temporary proof of identity. State law governs the age at which a child may enter kindergarten or first grade, and the district cannot deviate from the law.

In addition to the birth certificate, parents should bring:

  • proof of residency such as a utility bill
  • information about the child’s immunizations and inoculations
  • a certified copy of the birth certificate of the child, or
  • as an alternative for the child in the custody of the Secretary of Social and Rehabilitation Services, a certified copy of the court order placing the child in the custody of the secretary. In the absence of a certified copy of birth certificate for the child in kindergarten or first grade, any document which reasonably tends to establish the age of the child will be accepted as temporary proof of identity.

Other round-up activities include meeting the teachers and seeing the kindergarten classrooms. Some schools hold additional kindergarten activities later in the spring. Parents should contact their school if they have questions about Kindergarten Round-Up or the enrollment process.