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11-7-23 — October 2023 Awards

Nov. 7, 2023

Central Elementary Named an Apple Distinguished School

Recently, Central Elementary School was named an Apple Distinguished School, one of 726 schools across 36 countries to receive the honor. According to Apple Inc., these are some of the most innovative schools in the world, providing leadership and educational excellence that demonstrate Apple’s vision for learning with technology — using Apple products to connect students to the world, fuel creativity, deepen collaboration, and make learning personal.

“It was a big honor for the kids,” Principal Brandi Leggett said. “They really put their minds together for innovative, real-world learning and being able to see it payoff is amazing!”

The Apple Distinguished Schools program supports forward-thinking education leaders and their communities who are using Apple technology to inspire, imagine, and impact teaching and learning. This program is by invitation only for schools that meet the current program qualifications. To qualify for the program, the school must have:

  • An established one-to-one program.
  • Innovative use of the Apple platform.
  • Leadership and faculty proficiency with iPad or Mac.
  • A continuous innovation leadership team.

The Apple Distinguished School program supports school leaders through leadership events, opportunities to engage with experts, and collaboration with peers who share an interest in innovative learning and teaching, according to Apple, Inc. Read more about the program..

Olathe Middle Schoolers Shine in ‘Mathletics’ Competition

On Oct. 4, our middle schools competed in their first districtwide “Mathletics” competition of the school year! Here are the results:

Sixth Grade

  • First place: Cesar Frias, Carter Johannsen, Alexander Lopez – Pioneer Trail Middle School
  • Second place: Shivam Raval, Elliot Rudnitsky, Ze-Ian Sea, Nicholas Tuzhilov – California Trail Middle School
  • Third place (tie): Akira Watanabe, Brecken Godard, Ethan Wolfe, Lincoln Dunlay – Prairie Trail Middle School; Yohanna Carvalho Da Silva, Charlotte Cai, Camden Clevenger – Santa Fe Trail Middle School; Jett Cherry, Landon Thomas – Summit Trail Middle School

Seventh Grade

  • First place: Sahana Chunduru, Nora Harrington, Nick Holland, Andrew Park – California Trail
  • Second place (tie): Yusuf Baig, Addy Chen, Declan Hodges, Casey Robinson – Chisholm Trail Middle School; Megan Davis, Jonah Baumgartner, Sophie Bublitz, Davis Heimsoth – Mission Trail Middle School
  • Third place: Xander Miller, Adler Neufeld, Joshua Pankau – Prairie Trail

Eighth Grade

  • First place: Virginia Schoenfeldt, Ilene Wang, Kaylee Liu, Evaline Becker – Prairie Trail
  • Second place: Will Brotherson, Eric Lin, Isaac Player, Adam Torchia – Chisholm Trail
  • Third place (tie): Annie Jin, Manasvi Matta, ZeLeon Sea, Isaac Wong – California Trail; Caleb Crabtree, Marshall Heimsoth, Noah Osipik – Mission Trail