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3-12-18 — Rolling Ridge Shines Light on Art of Storytelling

photo of student working on shadow puppet theater March 12, 2018 ~ A collaboration at Rolling Ridge Elementary might just be the beginning of a new wave of puppeteers. Fifth-grade students brought art and story-telling to life with the help of art teacher Steve Peterik and library media specialist . . . and a few puppets.

Sheldon and Peterik attended a workshop titled Telling Folktales with Shadow Puppets at the Spenser Museum of Art. Hobey Ford, a Kennedy Center teaching artist, presented the workshop.

Collaborating literature and art, the two teachers worked together creating a project for fifth-graders.

“Students began in the library reading different folktales, tall tales and fairy tales,” Peterik said. “We spent a couple of weeks creating shadow puppets in art class to help illustrate their chosen story. They created characters as well as scenery and props.”

To bookend the creative process, students then worked on performance and fluency in the library.

“Students worked collaboratively in groups, completely engaged with creating their puppets and trying to solve the various problems they faced,” said Peterik.

Students then had a puppet show for their family and peers in late February. A team of students worked together to bring tales to life. A narrator read a story out loud as puppeteers artfully crafted the adventure.

photo of student reading story beside shadow puppet theatr