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3-1-18 — Lyric Opera Express Visits Forest View

March 1, 2018 ~ Students at Forest View Elementary were given the operatic opportunity of a lifetime with a visit from the Lyric Opera Express troupe.

During a professional development opportunity, district music teachers visited the Lyric Opera of Kansas City and learned about a program called Lyric Opera Express. This program provides educators with materials to prepare students for an operatic debut. In addition to music, staging guides and student activity packets, members of the Lyric Opera visit students for a workshop. 

Young singers hone their vocal craft for weeks which crescendo with a performance featuring opera professionals. The opera “She Never Lost a Passenger: The Story of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad” illustrates the courage and strength of Harriet Tubman as she led “passengers” on the Underground Railroad.

“The materials that Lyric Opera Express provides gives information on the history of Harriet Tubman’s life, the key players in the Underground Railroad and even some of the secret coding used to help transport the slaves to freedom,” Forest View vocal music teacher Julie Sluyter said. “Students are learning musical concepts while investigating the historical significance of this period.”

On the day of the performance, four principal singers accompanied Forest View fifth-graders as they performed for third- and fourth-grade students. Normally, the Lyric Opera Express troupe performs with up to 28 students. Performing with the entire fifth-grade class (approximately 80 students) was the largest performance the troupe has incorporated.