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10-4-19 — Board of Education Approves New Strategic Plan

Oct. 4, 2019 ~ The Olathe Board of Education set the direction for the district moving forward at the Oct. 3 monthly meeting when it approved the 2019-2024 Olathe Public Schools Strategic Plan.

“We are excited for the direction the Strategic Plan provides us,” Superintendent John Allison said. “It aligns so well with who we are as a system and the goals I know we all have for our students and for our work. This plan outlines four goals and core values that not only drive our work and help each of us as we make important decisions and choices each day, but they are a reflection of who we are as a school system. Our Core Values show our students, our staff, our parents and our community what we can expect from us.”

The four strategic plan goals are:

  • High Academic Expectations for All: Every student will be challenged and supported through tiers of instruction by all staff to achieve a high standard of academic performance and growth.
  • Behavior and Social-Emotional Development for All: Every student will benefit from an educational experience that fosters their behavioral, social and emotional development.
  • Human Capital: The district will attract, develop, engage and retain high quality talent.
  • Effective Systems and Prioritized Resources: All systems and resources will be aligned based on organizational data to achieve strategic initiatives.

The plan also outlines the district’s six core values of integrity, vision, accountability, resilience, innovation, and inclusivity. Additional information about the Strategic Plan can be found at