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9-4-19 — Manchester Park Staff Rallies for Student

Sept. 4, 2019 ~ Lunchtime is one of the busiest times of the day for any school. With many moving pieces and careful coordination, students enjoy a midday break to eat and chat with friends. Thanks to the watchful eye of several Manchester Park Elementary staff members, third-grade student Jake Holwick was able to move past a scary situation and return to time with his friends.

photo of Jake holding the card he made for his principal During a lunch period in late August, Jake began choking on his sandwich. Manchester Park lead custodian Brian Carmody and general aide Lindsey Forsythe noticed something was off and approached Jake.

“When I saw them go to Jake, I knew something was wrong,” said Principal Sean Bohon.

Immediately Bohon began the Heimlich maneuver on Jake. Bev Vanderslice, school nurse, replaced Bohon and continued care.

The sandwich was dislodged because of the quick team effort.

“We are so appreciative of Mr. Bohon’s efforts and Mrs. Vanderslice taking care of him after the incident,” said Jake’s mom, Kari Holwick. “This is just another example of how Manchester Park Elementary demonstrates kindness.”

Jake made a card for the principal and delivered it the following day.

(Photo of Jake Holwick holding the card he made for Principal Sean Bohon.)