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5-17-19 — Gifted Students Organize Events to Help a Baby

May 17, 2019 ~ When students in the QUEST (gifted) program at Prairie Center Elementary learned about a $75,000 heart transplant needed to help a baby survive, they jumped into action. The baby, born with a heart defect, is the sister of a former Prairie Center student.

“Raising money to help with medical bills became the focus of their community service project,” QUEST teacher Tammy Whitlow said.

photo of students holding a big check The 10 gifted students planned two fundraising activities: Tuesday Treat Day and Change for Grace. Preparing for Treat Day involved each QUEST student baking at least 40 treats to sell and making posters to promote the event. Every student at Prairie Center could buy one treat and the total amount raised was $400.57.

“Though the sale was much more successful than my students imagined, they set a new goal for fundraising,” Whitlow said. “They wanted to double that amount.”

The second activity, Change for Grace, raised more than $627 in coins.

“That’s a lot of change hiding in the couch cushions!” Whitlow said.

In total, the Prairie Center QUEST students collected $1,028.35 for the Have a Heart for Baby Grace Fund.

(Photo: QUEST students from Prairie Center Elementary presented a check for $1,028.35 to the Have a Heart for Baby Grace Fund after conducting two fundraising activities.)