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4-2-20 — District Offers Tele-Counseling

April 2, 2020 ~ The Olathe Public Schools is pleased to offer tele-counseling from your school’s mental health providers as a part of the continuous education services being provided from March 30-May 22, 2020. All counseling sessions will be virtual through a platform called Zoom. Zoom is HIPAA and FERPA-compliant. All providers will be in a room in their house that is away from all other family members, providing confidentiality between them and your student. School mental health providers who may have been seeing your student prior to Spring Break may be in contact with you about continuing services. If you would like your student to speak with a mental health professional, please provide consent by clicking this online consent form.

After your consent is given, a mental health professional (school counselor, social worker, school psychologist, or student wellness advocate) will be in contact to schedule sessions. Most contact should occur within 48 business hours.

For any general questions, please contact your school’s principal, school counselor, or Director of Social Emotional Learning and Mental Health Services Angie Salava at email