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9-27-19 - District to File Suit Against Electronic Cigarette Manufacturer

Sept. 27, 2019 ~ The Olathe Public Schools Board of Education passed a resolution at a special board meeting authorizing legal counsel to initiate litigation and file suit against JUUL, a manufacturer, distributor and seller of electronic cigarettes and vaping products.

This litigation does not require the Olathe School District to allocate financial resources.

Olathe Public Schools leadership understands the threat to student health and is taking action against the epidemic. The top priority of the Olathe Public Schools is the safety and well-being of its students and staff. Electronic cigarettes and vaping devices pose a significant threat to student health with misleading advertisements targeted toward middle and high school students. It is the district’s responsibility to protect its students.

“As a Board of Education, we have a duty to do what’s right for students, the community and our future generations,” said Olathe Public Schools Board President Shannon Wickliffe. “Vaping is an epidemic and, as community leaders, we’re taking the lead to protect our students and future leaders. The hidden dangers of vaping are triggering a health crisis and we’re taking action.”

“Our role as a public school district is to provide our students with the best educational environment to help them learn and grow. To protect our students is paramount,” Olathe Public Schools Superintendent John Allison said. “Middle and high school students, we believe, have been targeted by e-cigarette and vaping manufacturers with false and misleading advertising. Vaping has caused a significant disruption in our buildings. As smart as our students are, they don’t understand the long-term ramifications of vaping and the amount of addictive chemicals they are dealing with. It’s our role to protect our students today and in the future.”

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