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10-6-20 — Bank of Blue Valley Donates to Fairview Elementary

Oct. 6, 2020 ~ Fairview Elementary School received a $20,000 donation from Bank of Blue Valley through its partnership with the national non-profit organization,

The funds are intended to allow the school and its teachers and staff to purchase classroom supplies, tools and materials.

“We are extremely fortunate to have been chosen for this amazing opportunity!” Principal Andrew Dimmitt said. “There is no group of more dedicated educators and incredible students that deserve this generous gift. The Fairview staff will be working to determine exactly how to spend the money, but it will be put to use bringing amazing learning opportunities directly to our students. I would like to thank Bank of Blue Valley and for their partnership and supporting our school with this significant donation.”

“These are such challenging days for our K-12 educators, wrestling with how best to stay safe while keeping their students connected and engaged in learning,” said Wendy Reynolds, Bank of Blue Valley president. “K-12 schools are the cornerstone to a healthy and productive community. We want to play our part to help.”