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5-27-22 — Keeping Students and Staff Safe in the Olathe Public Schools

May 27, 2022 ~ The Olathe Public Schools uses many different tools to ensure the safety and security of our students, staff, and visitors to our buildings. This multi-layered and comprehensive approach to safety is essential in ensuring a safe and orderly learning environment. The various systems utilized are included below:

  • Safety and Security logoCrisis Management procedures/protocols
    • The district has a comprehensive crisis management plan for each building in the district
  • MY EOP app (crisis management procedures in an app)
    • A mobile phone app available to administration that provides instant access to district crisis management procedures and protocols
  • Raptor visitor management system
    • Visitors to any OPS facility must present a valid ID to be scanned and checked against the national sex offender registry. This program also records the date and arrival/exit time of each visitor in our buildings.
  • Access control system
    • The Access Control Management System (ACM) requires all visitors to be screened prior to entering any district building during business/school hours.
  • Camera/surveillance system
    • The district has a comprehensive video surveillance system in each preK-12 building which is regularly monitored by building and district staff.
  • Building radios
    • Each preK-12 building has a standard inventory of building two-way radios which allow real-time communication throughout each day. Each building also has a district radio, which provides access to all school and support buildings in the district.
  • District Safety Services Department
    • The Safety Services department employs our Director of Safety Services and our Manager of Safety Services, who work daily with all law enforcement, first responders and our school administration to ensure student and staff safety.
  • SRO program
    • The School Resource Officer (SRO) program provides an Olathe Police Officer to support each of our middle and high schools in the district. This partnership has been in place for the past 26 years.
    • The SRO’s and Olathe Police Department patrol officers provide timely response and ongoing support to our elementary schools.
  • Monthly collaboration and planning with OPD leadership
    • The district safety leadership team and the Olathe Police Department leadership team proactively collaborate monthly on safety related issues both in the schools and in the community.
  • ALICE protocol
    • The district uses the ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate) active shooter response protocols, which allow a variety of response options, including lockdown, during unsafe situations. Our ALICE protocols include annual training with students and staff.
  • District mobile app
    • The district has mobile that includes an anonymous tip line for community to report safety issues and concerns.
  • SRO hotline
    • The Olathe Police Department facilitates an SRO hotline, which allows anonymous reporting of concerning safety and security issues.
  • Online safety monitoring software on student devices
    • The Olathe Public Schools technology and safety services division utilizes a robust software package to monitor all district owned devices for threatening activity including guns, self harm, illegal activity and threats.
  • Comprehensive threat assessment protocol
    • The district uses an evidence-based assessment to confidentially identify and support any student who may pose a threat to themselves or others.
  • Relationships between students and staff
    • One of the greatest assets the district utilizes to prevent safety related issues is the positive relationships between our students and a trusted adult, which allows for proactive measures to take place in regards to safety concerns.

The district is constantly reviewing its policies and procedures to make sure we are meeting the needs of our students and staff to ensure a safe and secure learning environment.

Questions about any of our safety protocols?  Please feel free to reach out to our safety services division at 913-780-8052.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has the district considered metal detectors?

Metal detectors in a school environment is a widely debated topic. The district regularly evaluates its safety protocols and believes the first and best line of defense against school violence is a well-trained and alert staff and student body, along with strong relationships between students, staff, law enforcement and the community.

No single strategy can eradicate school violence. Metal detectors are one potential strategy, but their effectiveness and efficiency need to be weighed. Currently metal detectors have been evaluated thoroughly both internally and by experts in the industry and is not currently part of our comprehensive safety plan.